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Blog Details

Best Time To Visit Malaysia - Seasons, Months, Temperature

Published on : 05-07-2024

Best Time To Visit Malaysia: Weather, Season, Month & Temperature

Malaysia is truly Asia, where you can set foot and experience the best of what Asia offers. A multicultural country, Malaysia provides a glimpse into the heritage of Chinese Indians, Sri Lanka, and other countries. If you plan your next trip to the country, the best time to visit Malaysia is from April to October. In terms of the landscape, the country attracts beaches, hills, and glistering cityscapes like Kuala Lumpur. Its arms are open to greet travellers worldwide, serving delicious food and pampering them with a bustling shopping scenario and traditional spas.

Malaysia is a traveller's paradise that flaunts a distinctive blend of cultural diversity, with breathtaking natural landscapes and tempting culinary delights. Whether looking for serene beaches and islands like Langkawi and Tioman or simply wanting to investigate the history and cultural heritage through famous sites such as the Batu Caves and Islamic Arts Museum, the country has something for everyone. Malaysia Tourism, designed by Book My Booking, caters to every tourist's interest and needs worldwide.

Shopping lovers will also be thrilled to discover the countless modern malls and markets that provide a wide range of products and souvenirs. So, whether you are a history buff, beach lover, food lover, or shopping lover, Malaysia is the best destination to satisfy your travel cravings.

Best Time to Visit Malaysia: Importance of timing your visit to Malaysia

Due to its geographical shape and location, Malaysia has a tropical monsoon climate. The best time to visit Malaysia is between December and April. With little rain here and there, the weather is usually hot and humid all year round. Ensure you carry an umbrella, as the tropical monsoon climate of Malaysia has spells of rain even in the driest season. Despite the abundance of rain, January and February are the best time to visit Malaysia. Various festivals, such as the Chinese New Year and Thaipusam, are celebrated during these months and are worth experiencing.

The season may differ from one side of the peninsula to the other and across destinations, and thus, the ideal months to visit Malaysia may vary. Once the rains subside, the place becomes calm with pleasant temperatures, and grousing waterfalls add to the beauty. The Sabah Fest in May is a week-long Sabahan culture celebration worth a watch. In June, the Gawai Festival is celebrated when longhouse doors are opened for a couple of days for rice harvest celebrations, including dance, food, drinks and lots of music.

Best Time to Visit Malaysia: Brief Overview of Malaysia's Climate

The best time to visit Malaysia in its eastern part is from April to October when the weather is driest. December to February are the most ideal months for exploring the western part of Malaysia. The country is a tropical country with an even temperature throughout the year. When you visit Malaysia, a ubiquitous question comes into every tourist's mind. The government is near the equator and experiences warm weather with a lot of yearly rainfall. An ideal time to visit Malaysia depends on the part of the country one wants to see. Malaysian eastern and western parts of the country experience different rainfall patterns throughout the year. Therefore, we have listed Malaysia weather season-wise for your better understanding.

Best Time to Visit Malaysia: Season-Wise Climate Distribution

Spring Season in Malaysia (March to May)

The spring season in Malaysia starts in March and ends in May. Even though the temperature during these months is high, spring is usually calm with a slight wind blowing. This is the best season to go on a beach expedition in Malaysia. Also, the week-long Sabah festival is conducted in May and is worth exploring, adding to the visitors this season. Also, remember to carry sunscreen with you. This season can be termed the dry season of Malaysia.

Summer Season in Malaysia (June to August)

Malaysia's summers last from March to October. Malaysia's west coast, including places like Penang, Langkawi, and Pangkor, experiences a rainy season from April to October. The hottest month is March in Malaysia, with a temperature rising to 28 degrees Celsius, while the weather from April to October is also comparatively warmer compared to the other months of the year. Tourists and visitors must carry light clothes during this time to stay calm. This is the best time to visit Malaysia, the eastern part, which remains drier this year.

Monsoon/ Autumn Season in Malaysia (September to November)

Malaysia has two monsoons- one on the eastern side and the other on the western side. The monsoon season for Malaysia is not considered the best time to visit Malaysia because many adventure activities and water sports are restricted during this time. However, you can visit the eastern side when rain is on the western side and vice versa. Thus, when visiting Malaysia is not a question to worry about, as one can have fun there at any time of the year. Before visiting the country, one must thoroughly analyse the weather conditions and pack accordingly. Therefore, numerous seasons in Malaysia cannot be differentiated from one another because Malaysia has an even climate throughout the year. Still, the best time to visit Malaysia depends on where one wants to visit. For the eastern areas, the best time is from April to October, while for the western regions, the best time to visit is from December to February.

Winter Season in Malaysia (December to February)

The right time to visit Malaysia is winter, from December to January, to enjoy festivals like New Year, Christmas, etc., with friends and family. You can even join the 15-day Chinese New Year celebrations. The winters in Malaysia fall from November to February, and January is the coldest month of the year, which is considered the best time to visit Malaysia. During winter in Malaysia, the days are usually more remarkable, with a light breeze and chilly nights. You can pack a light jacket for the nights; during winter, the eastern part of Malaysia experiences heavy rainfall, so visiting the western part is preferred.

Best Time to Visit the Top Destinations in Malaysia

Best Time to Visit Kuala Lumpur

May to July is the best time to visit Kuala Lumpur, as it remains dry during these months. Situated near the equator, the weather remains scorching, and it rains year-round in Kuala Lumpur. December to February and May to August are the driest months compared to others, which can be termed the dry season of Malaysia. Hotels and flights are usually expensive during the dry season, while the offseason offers discounts. In these months, tourists can make most of Kuala Lumpur attractions like Sunway Lagoon Park and Bird Park. The temperature in these months ranges between 30 to 35 degrees Celsius during the day and 25 to 29 degrees Celsius at night. Kuala Lumpur can be visited in December, January and February as the streets get full of Christmas and New Year celebrations decorated brightly, and liveliness is all around.

Best Time to Visit Langkawi

For visiting Langkawi, November to March is the best time, as peninsular Malaysia receives the most sunshine. The weather during this period is cold and pleasant, considered the best time to visit Malaysia. Although Langkawi falls into the tropical zone, it does not experience severe or unstable weather changes like Malaysia typically does. This is because the island of Sumatra well protects Langkawi on its east and the Malaysian mainland on its east. Because of its strategic location, the temperature is consistent year-round, ranging from 25 to 34 degrees Celsius. February is the hottest month, while September to October is the wettest period. During Malaysia's monsoon season, the rains last only 2-3 hours and are generally followed by sunshine.

Best Time to Visit Georgetown Penang

November to January is ideal for visiting Georgetown as it promises excellent weather. In contrast, February to April offers emptier streets and much more peace and tranquillity to look around and enjoy.

Best Time to Visit Genting Highlands

Highlands experience pleasant weather all year round, with temperatures varying between 15 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius, owing to the altitude. It would be best to visit the town between March and September to experience the best weather conditions and amazing views and enjoy all the outdoor activities. Malaysia Travel seasons may vary from region to region, although the monsoon season lasts from October to March and is often supported by some rainstorms. If you are looking for cheap accommodation deals, the monsoon season is a great time to visit. Summer vacations make the place extremely crowded with locals from April to May.

Best Time to Visit Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands has excellent weather all year round, making it ideal for a quick weekend getaway anytime. There is less chance of rainfall in the dry months of February and July, so tourists can confidently go outdoors for outdoor activities like trekking, strawberry picking, and hiking. The best time to visit Malaysia is in February, May, and June, the primary tourist months; one can still be assured of a good time there.

Best Time to Visit Kota Kinabalu

The right time to visit Kota Kinabalu would be from December to April, the peak season. The weather is at its best during this time; the beaches and go mountain climbing at Mount Kinabalu. Adventure activities like white water river rafting and deep sea fishing are more significant. The winter months are also great for exploring the nature parks near Kot Kinabalu. The accommodations are even cheaper as it is an off-peak season in Malaysia. It is necessary to note that there might be intermittent showers, but less than in the summer months. These months are prone to rain, hampering the trip at times. This off-shoulder season is an excellent time for budget travellers and people who do not mind a little rain here and there.

Discover the Best Time to Visit Malaysia: A Month-by-Month Travel Guide


january from bookmybooking

Things To Do-
Island hopping on the West Coast and cultural excursions in George Town

  • In January, the Peninsula's East Coast will be pretty wet due to the northeast monsoon. Book My Booking has some of the best Malaysia Tourism Packages you must explore!
  • You can even explore the white sand beaches and the turquoise waters in places like Langwaki and Penang.
  • During this time, some areas of Borneo can also be great holiday destinations.


february from bookmybooking

Things to Do-
Attend the Chinese New Year, explore the jungle in Koto Kinabalu, and take tours through the Cameron Highlands.

  • February is said to be a festive time as the country welcomes the Chinese New Year with fireworks and fun.
  • This month, visit the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur, to celebrate some of the biggest festivities in Chinatown. Book your tour package for the best time to visit Malaysia.
  • This month is filled with sunlight for hours and less rain than usual.


march from bookmybooking

Things To Do-
Best for viewing whale sharks and Orangutan spotting in Borneo and climbing Mt Kinabalu

  • This month is excellent for climbing Mt Kinabalu as there will be fewer crowds, lower temperatures, and less rainfall.
  • You can even indulge in the Orangutan sightings, but migrating whale sharks can only stay around in May.
  • Remember, the Southwest Monsoon can appear in March to prepare the Peninsula West Coast.


april from bookmybooking

Things To Do-
Ideal for exploring the beach through the Peninsular East Coast

  • The northeast monsoon moves out in April, bringing the peninsula East Coast to life and changing the Malaysian weather.
  • Find the right time for markets or trips to stunning natural views like the Gua Charas cave temples.
  • Explore the excellent animal spotting and try a wildlife tour that can take you to the best animal conservation sites in the country, like the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre of the Bornean Sun Bear Centre.


may from bookmybooking

Things To Do-
Visit the beautiful beaches and spot whale sharks and orangutans in Borneo.

  • Experience and enjoy the white sand beaches with a decent sea breeze that balances the humidity.
  • With local holidays in the city, the Perhentian islands and Kota Bharu would be busier than usual and can be seen as the peak tourist season in Malaysia.
  • On Vesak Day, Buddhist Day, they decorate temples with flowers and offerings and join processions wearing white clothing.


june from bookmybooking

Things to Do-
View the turtles on Lankayan Island; you can climb My Kinabalu, Gawai Dayak and much more.

  • Visitors and tourists can see the sea turtles on Lankayan Island.
  • From June, there will be celebrations of Gawai Dayak, during which the people of Sarawak will express gratitude for an abundant harvest and farming season.
  • June is the least rainy month in Kuala Lumpur and the hottest month. Areas of the East Coast, like Kota Bharu, experience temperatures reaching a maximum of 33 degrees Celsius, making June one of the ideal months to visit Malaysia.


july from bookmybooking

Things To Do-
Dive deep into Norneo and George Town UNESCO World Heritage Day.

  • Because it is the drier month of Borneo, there are generally calmer seas with good visibility.
  • Tourists and visitors can indulge in adventure sports like snorkelling and diving.
  • The UNESCO World Heritage Day is filled with excitement and celebrations from the festivities that come together to display the rituals, traditional foods, games and history.


august from bookmybooking

Things To Do-
Attending the Lights Water Festival and Malaysia National Day

  • It is in the middle of the dry season in Borneo, as there are numerous well-known track spots for getting away from the hustle of holiday crowds. You can explore the various seasonal attractions in Malaysia this month.
  • From June to September, you can try climbing up Mount Kinabalu while viewing the Borneo rainforest from a canopy walkway in Sepilok.
  • You can even go for cave exploring in Mulu National Park.


september from bookmybooking

Things To Do-
View sighting turtles on Lankayan Island, climb Mt Kinabalu, and enjoy viewing the International Kite Festival.

  • Check out the tremendous clear water snorkelling right on the beach of the Perhentian Islands, especially before the monsoon rolls in around November.
  • Visitors can join some distinctive Malaysian celebrations like the Mooncake Festival.
  • Witness the cultural festival in Kuala Lumpur, among other national celebrations, as it is one of the best times to visit Malaysia with your family and friends.


october from bookmybooking

Things To Do-
Animal spotting in Borneo

  • Enjoy Borneo's dry season and look for orangutans on wildlife walkways in the National Park, Batang Ai, or expedite the boat ride along the Kinabatangan River.
  • If lucky enough, you will witness a pygmy elephant or proboscis monkey in the leafy greens.
  • You can even pop over to the idyllic Manukan Island to grab the view of paradise. You can even catch the prime time vacationing on the East Coast before the rest of the years turn wet and windy.


november from bookmybooking

Things to Do:
Visit the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival and the Festival of Lights, important seasonal attractions in Malaysia.

  • Tourists and visitors can wander through Melaka's antique shops and night markets, winding through the Mossy Forest of Butterworth.
  • You can learn about Penang's colonial heritage; this month's annual International Dragon Boat Festival is a visitor bonus.
  • The Dragon Boat Festival is a spectacular event that celebrates Asian culture in countries worldwide.


december from bookmybooking

Things To Do-
Involve in the Cameron Highlands and sunny West Coast adventures.

  • As it is a shoulder month, crowds are thinner, and the weather is at its coldest, with an average minimum temperature of around 21 degrees Celsius. One of the best times to visit Malaysia is during the winter season.
  • Choose between fantastic locations on the West Coast, like Langkawi, George Town, or Pangkor Island, where you will witness warm seas, long sunny hours, and dry days.
  • With hefty rainfall and water, Borneo generally stands still for a few months as the animals hide away, and tourism hits hard during this time.

malaysia in peak season from bookmybooking

Malaysia in Peak Season

What to Expect (May to July)

  • Temperatures range from 24 to 33 degrees Celsius.
  • Ideal weather for city tours, sightseeing and exploring the attractions.
  • Host festivals and events like Hari Raya and Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival, embarking on the festival season in Malaysia.
  • It increased tourist activity during this period.
  • Book accommodations in advance for a hassle-free trip.

Malaysia in Moderate Season (Feb to April)

What To Expect

  • Mildly changing temperatures, averaging between approximately 22 to 32 degrees Celsius.
  • Less crowded attractions, thus allowing a more relaxed expedition.
  • Irregular rainfall, especially during March and April.
  • Discounts on hotels and resorts are available during the shoulder season for a budget-friendly trip.

Off Season (Aug to Jan)

What To Expect

  • Monsoon season brings heavy rainfall and occasional flash floods.
  • Reduced tourist traffic, thus offering a quieter atmosphere and surroundings, an excellent time for the Malaysian beach season.
  • Get attractive discounts on accommodations during this period.
  • Temperatures usually range between 22 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Explore the Best Time to Visit Malaysia with Exclusive Book My Booking Tour Packages

Malaysia provides a rich tourism experience with its diverse attractions; from the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur, featuring iconic landmarks like the Petronas Twin Towers, to the beaches of Langkawi and the cultural heritage of Penang, there is something for every tourist. Nature enthusiasts can also explore the lush rainforests of Borneo, home to distinct wildlife like orangutans. One of the best times to visit Malaysia is when the country's food is a melting pot of flavours influenced by Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisines.

Kuala Lumpur Delight Package-2 Nights/3 Days Package

kuala lumpur delight package from bookmybooking

Visit Kuala Lumpur on a 3-hour tour where you can photograph the Petronas Twin Towers, King's Palace, National Mosque, War Memorial, and many other places. After the exploration, you can return to the hotel and shop in Kuala Lumpur. Later, you will be transferred to the main airport to catch your flight home. For more information regarding this package, click on the given link and book your tour package for Malaysia tourism.

Refreshing Langkawi-Malaysia- 2Nights

refreshing langkawi malaysia from bookmybooking

After reaching the place, you can head for an island-hopping Langkawi sightseeing tour. Then, jump on a speedboat and witness many islands of Langkawi, an ideal time for Malaysian beach season. There, you can stop at Singa Besar Island to feed the eagle. Your next stop would be at Pregnant Maiden Island, where you can swim in the lake. Lastly, visit Beras Basah Island, where you can relax and enjoy many water sports activities at your own cost. After the fun-filled day, simply return to your hotel and relax.

Shores of Langkawi-Malaysia-3Nights

shores of langkawi malaysia from bookmybooking

Witness the various islands of Langkawi and stop at the Singa Besar Island for Eagle feeding. The next stop is to explore Pregnant Maiden Island, where you can enjoy swimming in the lake, and the last stop is Beras Basan Island, where you can relax and experience various water sports activities with your family and friends. After a fun-filled day of experiencing Malaysia's weather, simply return and spend leisure at your hotel. Get in touch with the cultural history and heritage of its natives, visit the Kampung houses of Bon Ton and Mahsuris Tomb, and stroll the volcanic Black Sand Beach.

Malaysia Travel Tips: Mini Guide

Malaysia is the most diverse country, with a population of various ethnicities whose influence can be famously found in its rich cuisine. Witness the surroundings that trace the colonial past in old buildings like the unfinished Kellie's Castle and City Hall. However, one often gets the sense that Malaysia is all about busy cities and shopping centres that are vibrant natural landmarks. We have listed some crucial Malaysian travel tips every tourist must consider before travelling to Malaysia.

  1. Malaysia has a tropical climate near the equator; the temperature is usually hot throughout the year, although the highlands are more pleasant. However, you do not need to wear woollens.
  2. Select lightweight clothing, such as cotton and items with a loose fit. Choose light colours and avoid wearing black. Malaysia is a modern country but is conservative in certain areas.
  3. When visiting any religious place, cover your hair and wear conventional clothing.
  4. Malaysia's cities and towns are connected, and getting around is easy. Taxis, Buses, and Trains are readily available; you must know before your Malaysian vacation planning proceeds.
  5. Kuala Lumpur KL Central Station is the main point for departure as it links the city to many other provinces.
  6. Learn a few phrases in their local language that the locals would appreciate.
  7. Remember certain things, like being aware of your surroundings, keeping your passport safely with you at all times, keeping yourself updated regarding the latest news, and ensuring you are only wandering alone late at night.

Everything Considered

If you want to create a memorable trip this time while visiting Malaysia, then explore Book My Booking Malaysia Tour Packages and enjoy the country with your family and friends during the Malaysian travel season. Malaysia has extraordinary beaches, natural beauty, wildlife, and tourist destinations. Book your tour package today!

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