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Blog Details

Ajman Escapes: Tailored Ajman Tour Packages For Every Traveller

Published on : 23-05-2024

A Comprehensive Guide To Ajman Tour Packages

"Experience Ajman, Where Time Stands Still and Dreams Take Flight"

Welcome to Ajman! This beautiful emirate is an undiscovered treasure often overlooked by its neighboring emirates, such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Ajman's way of life is the distinctive feature that differentiates it from other emirates. Situated on the Arabian Gulf coast, Ajman is the smallest emirate, and there are various fun things to do in Ajman, including fantastic beaches, historical places, and friendly residents. Despite being the smallest emirate by area, Ajman has been an attractive site for visitors for years, with its tourism industry robustly growing with time. It is a hidden treasure that offers tourists and visitors a great traveling experience.

A Brief History of Ajman

Before the UAE's formation in 1971, the economy was based primarily on fishing and pearl diving. The region needed more infrastructure and attractions to draw international visitors. However, after the discovery of oil in the UAE and the economic boom, Ajman started formulating its hospitality sector. As your companion, with our carefully tailored Ajman Tour Package, we are thrilled to take you on a journey that will take you to the top sights in this beautiful emirate.

Latest Tourism Vogue in Ajman

The leadership of Ajman recognized and realized the importance of the tourism sector as a diversification strategy away from oil dependence. Simultaneously, hospitality and service industries started to flourish, with the construction of hotels and beach resorts catering to the rising number of tourists looking for sun, sea, and sand.

  • Bending towards Sustainable Tourism- Ajman has been looking forward to sustainable tourism practices, ensuring that the natural environment, particularly the mangrove forests and marine life, is preserved.
  • Cultural Tourism- The focus is on promoting Ajman's culture and heritage with specific events and festivals celebrated across the emirate to attract those interested in cultural experiences. Book your UAE Tour Packages with us and participate in this expedition!
  • Medical Tourism— Ajman also focuses on providing high-quality services at competitive prices, which has become a growing sector with visitors seeking various health and wellness treatments.

Ajman is known for its modern skyline, shopping centers, and beautiful beaches. Al Zorah Nature Reserve is one of Ajman's natural treasures, showing mangroves and diverse marine life. Ajman flaunts a rich history, with the Ajman Museum in the 18th century providing insights into the emirate's past. Attractions include the Ajman Corniche's beautiful cafes, beaches, and traditional dhow building yards. Despite its geographic footprint, Ajman's blend of cultural attractions, natural beauty, and economic vitality makes it a different destination in the UAE. We have curated some of the best Ajman Tour Packages for every traveler!

Top Destinations for the Ajman City Tour

Here we have listed some of the must-visit destinations for your Ajman City Tours, and these are as follows-

  • Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

sheikh zayed bin sultan al nahyan from bookmybooking

The Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is among Ajman's religious spots; it took 11 years to build. The mosque is named after its founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Nahyan, who is a testament to Islamic craftsmanship and devotion. The 24-carat gold glided chandeliers illuminate the vast prayer hall, glowing warmly on the stonework adorned with semi-precious stones—a must-included destination in the Ajman Itinerary. The mosque welcomes you to pause for a while to breathe.

Location- F8Q+RM5, University St, al Jerf 2 Ajman, United Arab Emirates

  • Masfout Castle

masfout castle from bookmybooking

Among the many tourist places in Ajman, UAE, the hidden gem provides a captivating blend of ancient architecture and breathtaking vistas. The castle was built in the 19th century and served as a defensive stronghold when the landscape was fraught with tribal conflicts. Its thick walls, arrow sites, and watchtowers evoke tales of battles and chivalry. You can go to the rooftop terrace to witness the majestic Hajar Mountains, stretching in all directions. The surrounding landscapes are a feast for the eyes.

Location- R492+594-Ajman-United Arab Emirates

  • The Red Fort

the red fort from bookmybooking

The Red Fort, known as Al Manama Fort, is evident in Ajman's rich history. This well-conserved historical place takes travelers back in time and is a must-include destination in 4-Nights 5-Days Ajman Tour Packages. The Red Fort served as a royal place. Interestingly, the name Red Fort stems from the red plaster used in its walls, while sandalwood graced the beams and supports for the roofs. Tress around the forts give a serene view and refreshing drinking water.

Location- 82FF+XCQ, Al Manama, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

  • Ajman Corniche

ajman corniche from bookmybooking

Ajman Corniche welcomes you to escape by the sea. This four-kilometer-long esplanade traces the coastline, making it one of the top Ajman view-seeing places. Enjoy scenic strolls with your family and friends and gather for picnicking on the sandy beach while the sun paints the water in golden hues. The cafes and restaurants in Ajman are lined up with a view, thus allowing you to embark on the culinary journey.

Location- Ajman Corniche, Al Rumailah Ajman, United Arab Emirates

  • Ajman Marina

ajman marina from bookmybooking

Ajman Marina, situated in the heart of Ajman, is a waterfront gem. This modern marina charms with its amalgamation of leisure, dining, and scenic beauty. Soak in the views of bobbing boats, yachts, and the Arabian Gulf. Beautiful walkways and lush green spaces welcome peaceful retreats. A popular tourist destination for families, cyclists, and joggers, it flaunts various activities, including jet skiing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Ajman Marina welcomes you to wander by the water's edge for a while.

Location- End of Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Rd, Ajman United Arab Emirates

  • Etisalat Tower

etisalat tower from bookmybooking

One of the must-included destinations in 3 Nights 4 Days Ajman Tour Packages, this tower rises against the Ajman skyline. The architectural tower has a mosque-style design adorned with finer details that captivate the essence of Emirati heritage. You can go to the observation deck for 360-degree views that stretch from the azure coastline to the distant Hajar Mountains. To enjoy the enhanced and colorful hues, visit early in the morning or at twilight.

Location- Etisalat Tower, Al Ittihad Street, Al Nuaimiya Ajman

  • Aqua Bounce

aqua bounce from bookmybooking

One of the best water parks in Ajman, Aqua Bounce provides a thrilling aquatic adventure with its inflatable water obstacles. The water spot challenges your agility and balance while you bounce on the water trampolines, slides, and climbing walls. It is best suited for families and adrenaline freaks. This attraction invites you to indulge yourself in laughter and excitement, after which you can visit the nearby beaches in Ajman.

Location- Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street-Al Nakhil 2 -Ajman

  • Al Murabba Watchtower

al murabba watchtower from bookmybooking

Simply explore the capturing Al Murabba watchtower in Ajman. This landmark flaunts a unique architectural charm and provides insights into Ajman's culture and rich heritage. The tourists and visitors can appreciate the detailed design while listening to the tales of the city's history. The best place to visit in Ajman is the watchtower, which offers marvelous views to tourists, perfect for captivating, memorable moments. Involve in activities such as guided tours.

Location- CC3H+PQ7-Al Rumailah 2-Ajman-United Arab Emirates

  • City Centre Mall

city centre mall from bookmybooking

Explore Ajman's shopping malls at City Centre Mall, a vibrant hub providing various retail therapy opportunities. Pull up your socks for a shopping spree of leading international brands and local boutiques. After this, invoke your taste buds with diverse culinary delights at the mall's restaurants, catering to every palate. Explore Ajman's rich culture with our guided Ajman packages to make the most of your visit.

Location- Al JURF-Al Ittihad St- Al Jerf 2- Ajman

5 Places to visit Ajman with Family and Friends

We have tailored a list of places to visit in Ajman with your family so you can travel accordingly.

  • Ajman National Museum

ajman national museum from bookmybooking

The museum is situated in the Ajman Fort. Earlier, it was a fort used to defend the city, and it was converted into a museum in 1981. One of the famous museums in Ajman invites visitors with a grand gateway guarded by two canons, two wind towers, and watchtowers. The museum's ancient Arab architecture showcases many manuscripts, pearling, and fishing tools. Ajman National Museum is one of those places to visit in Ajman with family who are history enthusiasts.

Location- Al Bustan, Liwara 1, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

  • Ajman City Centre

ajman city centre from bookmybooking

The Ajman City Centre, owned and preserved by Emirati businessman Majid Al Futtaim, is the largest mall in Ajman and a perfect family outing place. Visit the place for your shopping, dining, and entertainment needs. The center is a shopper's paradise for high-quality international and local brands. Including Ajman City Centre in your two-night and three-day Ajman Tour Packages is imperative. The center has nine screens; the VOX Cinemas provide a premium cinematic experience in local and international languages.

Location- Al Jurf, Al Ittihad Street, Al Jerf 2, Ajman

  • Ajman Dhow Yard

ajman dhow yard from bookmybooking

In earlier times, dhows were the mode of transportation for trade and commerce across Arab borders during the pearl diving era in the Arabian Gulf. Ajman Dhow Yard is one such place to visit in Ajman for free with family. These dhows are used for fishing, pearling, and cruises within the UAE. Visitors learn the art of dhow from the experts who have inherited dhow-making techniques from generations.

Location- 9FX6+M4W-Marina-Ajman-United Arab Emirates

  • Al Zohra Nature Reserve

al zohra nature reserve from bookmybooking

Al Zohra Nature Reserve was established in 2004 on the northern side of Ajman Creek. Al Zohra Nature Reserve must be included in your one-day Ajman city tour. It aims to preserve biodiversity and contains 100 species of migratory birds, various corals, indigenous flora, and fish. It is one of the scenic places to visit in Ajman with family who are lovers of nature and keen on watching the birds. You can cycle or walk through the reserve to witness the abundance of beauty at every corner of the reserve.

Location- The Pavilion Al Zorah, Al Ittihad Road, opp. Union Coop Jerf 1-Ajman-United Arab Emirates.

  • Al Hamriya Beach

al hamriya beach from bookmybooking

With its crystal-clear water and smooth white sand, Al Hamriyah Beach is the perfect spot for enjoying serenity and basking in the sun's glory. One of the famous beaches in Ajman is also one of the less crowded places that are free to visit, where one can spend quality time with family and friends. You can witness some exciting sunset views while strolling on the beach here. There is a facility for wheelchairs and a mat down to the sea for the differently abled.

Location- Hamriyah West- Sharjah- UAE

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Best time to plunge into an Ajman City Tour

best time to plunge into an ajman city tour from bookmybooking

Ajman is a delightful tourist destination that offers something for everyone. Start your Ajman tour and uncover the hidden gems of this beautiful destination. Indulge in the rich Ajman culture and history with its vibrant beauty and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Temperatures in the winter offer relief from the scorching summer heat, allowing visitors to explore the city comfortably without the discomfort of extreme temperatures. It is advisable to visit Ajman when the weather is pleasant, with temperatures around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, making it comfortable and suitable for outdoor exploration and expedition. Therefore, the best time to visit Ajman is during winter when the atmosphere is stable and more relaxed than in other months.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Ajman

  1. Mild temperatures- The winter months are usually suitable for visiting the Emirates to obtain relief from the intense heat. Winter months allow visitors and tourists to roam and explore the emirate enthusiastically and comfortably.
  2. Outdoor Activities— The pleasant winter weather is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities like strolling along the beaches, roaming with loved ones, simply exploring the traditional local markets, or enjoying the city's attractions. We specifically curate the Ajman and Sharjah Tour Packages, keeping this fact in mind.
  3. Festivals and Events— In winter, Ajman throws various cultural events and festivals, thus allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the traditions and experience the city's vibrant atmosphere.
  4. Beach Enjoyment— Ajman is home to beautiful coastlines and beaches ideal for relaxation and water activities. The cooler months help visitors enjoy beach outings without the pressure of the summer heat. Including beautiful and relaxing beaches in Ajman and Dubai Tour packages is necessary because Dubai has various beaches worth visiting.
  5. Comfort of sightseeing— Exploring Ajman's landmarks, museums, and markets is more comfortable in the cooler months, as you can easily navigate the city despite feeling overwhelmed by the high temperatures.

Things that you can Do in the Ajman City Tour

  • Discover the Historical Treasures

discover the historical treasures from bookmybooking

Ajman, situated along the Arabian Gulf coastline, is a charming emirate in the UAE that provides a perfect mixture of rich history, heritage, and remarkable natural beauty. The emirate is smaller than other emirates, but at the same time, it flaunts a wealth of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. There are various worth including historical places in Ajman tour packages. Initiate a memorable Ajman city tour and experience the unique charm and authentic Emirati lifestyle.

  • Indulging in local traditions

indulging in local traditions from bookmybooking

The Ajman city tour is an excellent opportunity to engage with the local culture and traditions. Get to know the energetic and charming atmosphere of witnessing the traditional fishing techniques handed down from generation to generation. For a glimpse into the vibrant art scene of the emirate, explore the Ajman Centre, where you can admire the local artwork and even participate in workshops and exhibitions.

  • Diving into the Seafood Variety

diving into the seafood variety from bookmybooking

Due to Ajman's location along the coastline, it serves various seafood dishes that are worth trying. Some restaurants and vendors offer fresh and delicious street food in Ajman, and indulging in seafood like kingfish, shrimp, lobster, and mussels is a must. Various restaurants have made a special menu for seafood lovers, offering dishes like seabass, lobster with cheese, crabs, and prawns that are all cooked to satisfy your seafood cravings.

  • Shopping for traditional souvenirs

shopping for traditional souvenirs from bookmybooking

Ajman provides a distinctive shopping experience that blends traditions and modernity. Tourists can immerse themselves in the shopping spree by exploring stalls selling authentic and local Emirati souvenirs, locally made crafts, and more. A must-included in Ajman and Abu Dhabi tour packages as the UAE is famous for its intricate Arabic art and craft, jewelry, Dry fruits, and many more things, so why not spend some Dirhams on it? It would help if you bought authentic, pure, original gold jewelry from Ajman to cherish as a memory all through your life.

  • Amusement Parks

amusement parks from bookmybooking

Amusement parks like Jungle Bungle, Play Land, and Acqua Bounce Ajman are famous family destinations for entertainment and recreational purposes. This vivacious amusement park provides a variety of rides, attractions, and activities best for visitors of all ages. From thrilling roller coasters to water slides, it promises an exciting day for families and thrill seekers. Ajman has some of the best amusement parks in UAE that you must visit. The parks are known for their colorful jungle-themed ambiance, creating an adventurous atmosphere for guests.

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7 Essential Things to Know Before Traveling to Ajman

It is always beneficial to gain knowledge and all the necessary information before traveling to any country. In the case of Ajman, there are certain things you must ensure for a smooth and enjoyable trip. First, we must respect the culture and traditions of the land. Ajman is conservative and orthodox, so dressing modestly, specifically while visiting religious sites or public areas, is a must.

Below are some essential things to remember for your smooth and happy trip in Ajman.

  • Weather conditions

weather conditions from bookmybooking

Ajman is a scorching place, and visiting the Emirates in colder months is always advisable. Although there is air conditioning everywhere, most of the time, Ajman remains hot. If you are traveling from a temperate cold area, it is better to get informed in advance. The temperature is usually 30 degrees or above, and it rains only a few days a year.

  • Cheap Airlines tickets

cheap airlines tickets from bookmybooking

One of the main aspects of Ajman's growing tourist visit is the cheaper air tickets. In Ajman, as in any other city in the Middle East, the fuel price is meager, reducing the airfares. Additionally, Ajman has become a middle point between Europe and Asia.

  • The currency

the currency from bookmybooking

The dirham—the UAE currency—is a must-included item in the Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras al Khaimah tour packages. One US dollar equals three dirhams, and you can easily exchange them directly at the airport or the ATMs throughout the city. Although Ajman has the upper hand, cash is unnecessary since all establishments have credit card terminals.

  • May is the cheapest month to travel

may is the cheapest month to travel from bookmybooking

In May, you can get cheaper and more affordable deals on packages, hotels, and restaurants. Although Ajman is not a cheap tourist destination, you get discounts in May. The reason is that the temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius in May, and the people who travel during this time are business-related rather than tourism-related. Because of this, hotels and restaurants provide an attractive offers and deals that attract tourists around the world.

  • Sunday is the first business day of the week

sunday is the first business day of the week from bookmybooking

Due to cultural and religious reasons, the weekend in Ajman is from Thursday to Saturday, not Friday to Sunday. Although traditionally, the first working day of the week is Sunday, many offices and souks are open every day of the year in the city except on holidays and Ramadan. If you plan your trip to Ajman, design your Ajman Tour Package accordingly, keeping this point in mind.

  • No PDAs

no pdas from bookmybooking

Ajman, being a Muslim city, displaying public affection is something people are not allowed to do. Ajman is no exception, as different countries have different cultural beliefs and values. It should be remembered that PDAs are not permitted in Ajman. If you travel to Ajman with your partner, avoid kissing and even shaking hands in crowded public places. They can give you a fine; in more extreme cases, you can even end up in jail. Therefore, if you plan your tour to Ajman, consider this aspect before curating your Ajman or Umm Al Quwain Tour Packages.

  • Safe and secure for female travelers

safe and secure for female travelers from bookmybooking

If you are a female solo traveler, Ajman is safe for you. The overall crime rate is low, and the UAE is generally widely known for its safety standards. Nights in Ajman can be quieter than in other emirates of the UAE. Women are respected and do not usually face harassment in the streets. However, women should dress appropriately without showing their skin, as Ajman is an Islamic and conservative country.

  • Popular dishes in Ajman you must try

Ajman provides rich and delightful culinary options influenced by Arabian culture and the maritime heritage of the Persian Gulf. Your Ajman City tour package must include famous dishes of the emirate. Ajman's diet traditionally consists of fish, rice, lamb, bread, dates, yogurt, homegrown vegetables, and meats, showcasing a blend of Middle Eastern and Asian tastes. On the other hand, spices give a distinctive hint to the dish and are also essential. Ajman's popular spices include saffron, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, etc.

  • Harees

harees from bookmybooking

Harees are among the most well-known foods in the UAE. They are usually present at Emirati dinner tables and on the menu of some of the best restaurants in Ajman. The delicacy is traditionally served at banquets, weddings, and special occasions. Harees are best served in Sultan Saray restaurant, a must-have dining spot in your Ajman Tour packages. They are a local Emirati food made from crushed wheat, minced beef or chicken, onions, ground cumin, salt, and water.

  • Majboos

majboos from bookmybooking

It is known as one of the most famous traditional dishes in the UAE. Majboos is a local rice dish prepared with meat, chicken, or lamb and seasoned with cinnamon and cardamom. The rice is cooked using the meat's leftover water, giving it incredible flavor.

  • Meat Biryani

meat biryani from bookmybooking

Biryani is a famous meal in the Gulf region; it has gained popularity all across East Asia and the Arab countries due to its delicious and savory flavor. The dish is made with Indian spices known for their robust flavors and scents. Various types of biryanis are made with basmati rice and herbs that go well with chicken or other meats. Biryani is prevalent throughout the UAE, and Saif Restaurant serves one of the best meat biryanis in Ajman—a must-included restaurant in your Ajman and Fujairah Tour Packages.

  • Seafood

seafood from bookmybooking

Ajman is located near the coast of the UAE, and if you are a seafood lover, Ajman's Marasea Restaurant is your destination. It serves some of the best seafood in the city. Tourists make a point to visit this restaurant due to its Middle Eastern, Portuguese, Lebanese, and Asian flavors. The dishes are served in a modern fine-dining setting, and it is a beautiful place with an excellent ambiance for enjoying quality seafood.

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We hope the above blog has helped you understand Ajman's rich culture and heritage. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UAE. Ajman is a historically rich and charming city with loads to offer its visitors. Plan your trip today to Ajman, get a closer glimpse into the emirate's rich history, and indulge in the various activities in Ajman. With its luxury resorts and authentic dining experiences, Ajman welcomes visitors seeking relaxation and discovery.

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