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news Category

Published on : 20-04-2024

Passengers must visit the airport only if they have confirmed reservations.


After rains hit the UAE, which broke all the records, airport services were disrupted. The airline got delayed, canceled, and even diverted many flights. Nevertheless, airports are rigorously working to resume their operations. As per Wam, Sharjah Airport informed regarding the continuity of flight operations. The airport called on the travelers to check their flight data from the relevant airlines. The passengers should only go to the airport with an established reservation. Majid Al Joker, CEO of Dubai Airports, said that the DXB is expected to return to regular scheduled operations within 24 hours.


Insecure weather hits UAE.

Non-stop thunder and lighting woke UAE residents as heavy rainfall battered the country late Monday night into Tuesday morning. Unbalanced weather conditions continued to impact the UAE from Monday through Wednesday. This is because of an extension of a low surface pressure and two waves of unstable weather to move across the country on Tuesday, the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) announced.

#uaeweather #travelnews #traveladvisory2024 #airlines #dubaitravel #sharjah

Published on : 19-04-2024

The passengers who once had to undergo cancelled bookings would receive a full credit voucher for the amount paid.

In a statement on its official account, the airline updated its passengers that all flights were cancelled on April 16 and 17 because of drastic and severe conditions in the UAE and the region. Air Arabia informed its passengers with cancelled bookings that they would receive a full credit voucher for the amount paid. The credit voucher would be used for future flight bookings. On the other hand, passengers would have the option of receiving a full cash refund.

Air Arabia started operating from Sharjah International Airport at 4 a.m. on April 18. The airline informed passengers who originally booked their flights through travel agents to contact them for rebooking options or refund requests.

#sharjah #airlines #uaeweathernews #weatherupdate #rainsinuae #uaetraveladvisory

Published on : 16-04-2024

The UAE is set to witness a surge in electric vehicles (EVs) and futuristic flying cars from China, according to the newly-appointed Chinese consul general, Ou Boqian. 


Boqian highlighted the growing bilateral relations between the UAE and China by saying, "The UAE and China relations are growing in all aspects. And as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our bilateral relationship, we see further growth in the field of innovation and technology – in particular, new and renewable energy and futuristic transport," noted Boqian, adding the influx of Chinese-made EVs and flying cars will boost UAE's diversification and economic sustainability.


Strengthening Bonds through Innovation and Technology

Boqian emphasised the UAE's and China's shared vision of the future, citing a parallel development trajectory over the past four decades. She noted that both countries have experienced rapid economic growth, with the UAE's diversification efforts aligning with China's economic reforms and establishing special economic zones. 


Boqian highlighted the UAE's role as an attractive market for eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) or flying vehicles, especially in Dubai, which is actively pursuing new technologies for its innovative city initiatives.


Cultivating Cultural and Educational Exchanges

Beyond economic partnerships, Boqian emphasised the importance of cultural and people-to-people relations between China and the UAE. 


"China and UAE's strong relations are not only based on a strong economic foundation but also people-to-people relations. That is why we are also developing our cultural exchanges," she added, noting a solid demand among Emiratis and expatriates to learn the Chinese language.


"China has also opened its first public-funded school in Dubai, and there are more than 500 Chinese studying at various UAE universities taking up finance, education, communication, and energy science courses," she continued.


Boqian also mentioned plans to encourage more Chinese students to study in the UAE, hoping to establish a Chinese college in Dubai soon. Additionally, she discussed initiatives to strengthen tourism ties, aiming to reach pre-pandemic levels of 1.12 Chinese tourists visiting the UAE.


She also added that she plans to hold more concerts and arts and cultural shows to strengthen the diplomatic relationship with the UAE.


A Glimpse into Boqian's Diplomatic Journey

Boqian was born in June 1966 in Tianjin, a prominent port city in northeastern China. Her extensive diplomatic career spans various postings and assignments across China, Australia, Grenada, Japan, and South Korea, and her most recent role as secretary-general of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (China, Japan, South Korea). 


Her career path saw her serving as Attaché at the Department of African Affairs of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1990 to 1993 and later as Attaché and Third Secretary at the Chinese Embassy in Uganda from 1993 to 1996.


Her appointment as the Chinese consul general in Dubai underscores the growing importance of UAE-China relations. It highlights the commitment to strengthen further ties through innovation, technology, culture, and education.

#technology #uaetravel #uaenews2024 #latestupdate #flyingcars #innovation

Published on : 15-04-2024

Apart from the football thrills, the emirate's new leisure spot also hosts the region's first wooden roller coaster and the tallest amusement ride in the World. On Tuesday, Dubai will open the World's first Real Madrid theme park and resorts. Celebrating football and basketball, the emirate's current leisure spot is home to more than 40 original experiences and attractions, including the region's first wooden roller coaster and tallest amusement ride in the World.

From visiting the locker rooms of Real Madrid players and exploring the secret sanctuary guarding the club's winning trophies for enjoying thrilling attractions, guests are in for an epic adventure.

"The World's first and only Real Madrid theme park celebrates the World's love for sports, and theme parks present a unique adventure that has never been done or seen before. Real Madrid World will present the winning spirit of Real Madrid, which embodies the deep enthusiasm that brings the club to life," said Fernando Eiroa, CEO of Dubai Holding Entertainment.


Must try rides at the theme park

  • Hala Madrid Coaster- The place's first wooden roller coaster that encapsulates the emotions of the Real Madrid journey with the European Cups.
  • The Star Flyer welcomes all fans to walk among the past and present football and basketball legends, taking memorable photos to last a lifetime.
  • The Wave-La Ola is a thrilling family roller coaster that transports guests to sacred stadium seats and embraces loyal fans who stand up, cheering their lungs out for their favourite team.
  • The Star Flyer—At 460 ft, it is the tallest amusement ride in the World and an iconic, adrenaline-pumping ride dedicated to the Real Madrid stars.
  • Bernabeu Experience- A theatrical experience providing fans access to the locker room, the pitch place, and a secret sanctuary guarding the 14 football European Cups and the 11 Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Spain.
  • La Fabrica Training Pitch- A playground for guests of all ages with lots of football balls and mini-training equipment for the children to practice their best shots and train like the stars.


Real Madrid World is situated within Dubai Parks and Resorts on Sheikh Zayed Road, opposite the Palm Jebel Ali, and is only 20 minutes from Dubai Marina. The destination is accessible by car from Dubai on the E11 Highway by taking exit 5. Guests can also use the RTA bus services that depart daily from the Ibn Battuta Metro Station.

#dubaiattractions #uaetravel #travelupdate2024 #uaenews2024 #dubainews2024 

Published on : 13-04-2024

Sharjah Airport's air resonates with the joyous greeting of 'Eid Mubarak!' as staff offered passengers complimentary sweets and warm hospitality on Eid-ul-Fitr 2024!

Sharjah Airport celebrated Eid Al Fitr by offering passengers complimentary sweets and warm hospitality in a heartwarming display of Eid festivities. The initiative, a regular practice at the airport, reflects its institutional values of contributing to travellers' special moments with loved ones. The airport was adorned with festive decorations, adding to the festive ambience and creating a welcoming environment for travellers.

The celebration filled the entire airport with joyful cries of 'Eid Mubarak!' echoes through the air. Hearts are filled with joy, spirits soar in celebration, and a sense of unity and warmth envelops everyone, marking this moment as truly special for the traveller.

Commenting on this, passengers emphasized feeling appreciated and embraced by the airport. Some also stated their preference for choosing Sharjah for their future travels.

The celebration was a gesture from the airport authority to show that Sharjah Airport is their first choice for future trips, citing its commitment to customer satisfaction.

#sharjah #uaetravelnews #eid2024 #travelupdate2024 #uaeairportnews


Published on : 12-04-2024

Kids meet excitement as Dubai Airport's ‘Kiddie Lane’ welcomes over 500,000 young travellers, allowing them to stamp their passports and engage with immigration officers, making the arrival process interactive and enjoyable. 

Dubai International Airport (DXB) has created a delightful experience for young travellers by introducing special immigration counters designed exclusively for children aged 4 to 12. Since their inception during Eid last year, these counters have seen an impressive 550,000 children pass through them, as announced by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

Located at Terminal 1, 2, and 3 of DXB, these unique passport control lanes aim to make the arrival process more engaging and interactive for young passengers. Children can stamp their passports and interact with friendly immigration officers, adding a touch of fun to their travel experience.

The numbers speak for themselves, with 553,475 children availing of these unique 'kiddie' lanes. Between April 19 and the end of 2023, 434,889 arriving children utilised these counters, while an additional 118,586 children benefited from them in the first three months of this year.

GDRFA emphasised that these dedicated counters enrich the travel experience and enhance Dubai's reputation as one of the world's best airports. The counters are manned by immigration officers specially trained to address any queries the young travellers may have, further adding to the smoothness of the process.

On the first day of Eid Al Fitr, GDRFA officials, led by director-general Lt. Gen. Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, conducted their annual routine check to ensure the seamless flow of departing and arriving passengers. The officials were accompanied by mascots Salem and Salama, who wore GDRFA uniforms. They distributed unique gifts and souvenirs to the young travellers, enhancing the festive spirit of the occasion.

The 'kiddie lane' initiative at DXB facilitates a way for Dubai International Airport to stand out as a destination for families travelling with their kids.

#kidstravel #uaetravel #travelnews2024 #passport #dubaiinternationalairport


Published on : 11-04-2024

UAE residents celebrate Eid Al Fitr on Wednesday and enjoy a nine-day break, the year's most extended holiday. While some residents have taken this opportunity to have the year's most extended holiday by traveling out of the country, many have chosen to remain in the UAE. For all those who have stayed back in the country, there are various activities, including fireworks at 14 locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai over the week.


Abu Dhabi

One of the most famous waterfronts in the UAE capital, residents can see some dazzling fireworks tonight. The display will begin at 9 pm.

Yas Bay, Yas Island

Another major waterfront destination set in the pristine Yas Island fireworks will take place tonight till Friday, April 12, at 9 pm.

Hudayriyat Island

Residents can see the beautiful seaside gateway, which includes several leisure and entertainment activities, on Wednesday, April 10, at 9 p.m.

Hazza bin Zayed Stadium

The Hazza bin Zayed Stadium, home to the record 14-time UAE football league champions Al Ain, will host fireworks on Wednesday, April 10, at 3 pm.

Madinat Zayed Public Park

The Madinat Zayed Public Park in Al Dhafra will host the fireworks on Wednesday, April 10, at 9 pm.

Al Mugheirah Bay Waterfront

The iconic Mugheirah Bay, the one-stop waterfront destination for retail, entertainment, leisure, and lifestyle experiences, will host fireworks tonight, Wednesday, April 10, at 9 pm.


Fireworks will be concluded in Ghayathi, in the western region of Abu Dhabi, on Wednesday, April 10, at 9 pm.


Global Village

The famous festival, Aprk, will host musical fireworks displays alongside a lineup of more than 200 daily cultural and entertainment shows starting tonight, Wednesday, April 10, at 9 pm.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Besides its thrilling rides, mascot appearances, and delightful feasts, Dubai Parks and Resorts is rolling out a big celebration for Eid Al Fitr. Guests will have the advantage of being among the first to witness the thrilling Alien Parade, a brand new show featuring dancing astronauts, specialty acts, and other outer-spaced themed fun taking place outdoors.

Eid events date: April 10-12

  • Fireworks date: First night of Eid
  • Bonus: Daily laser shows will light up the sky thrice every night

Dubai Festival City Mall

Shopping with the family/ Treat the kids to a dazzling show at the waterfront spot Dubai Festival City Mall.

  • Fireworks date: April 10
  • Time: 8 pm


Even those going on a road trip to escape the city can also enjoy an Eid sky spectacle. If you are going up the majestic mountains of Hatta, take advantage of the show.

show details are as follows-

  • Fireworks date: April 10
  • Time: 8 pm

Al Saef

If you missed all the fireworks on the first day of Eid, you still have a chance to catch them in the historic neighborhood of Al Seef.

  • Fireworks date: April 11
  • Time: 8 pm

Bluewaters Island

Find a restaurant on Bluewaters for your reunion. Initiate your dinner with a visual treat, and look for special offers.

  • Fireworks date: April 12
  • Time: 8 pm

The Beach JBR

A party by the beach is always a good plan, especially with the right weather. If you plan to see the fireworks at JBR, get there early to secure the best place.

  • Fireworks date: April 12
  • Time: 8 pm

#dubaiattractions #uaefireworks #eidcelebrations #uaetravel2024 uaeattractions2024 #ramadan

Published on : 11-04-2024

Eid is a festival of festivities, prayers, gift exchanges, and worship of Allah. After the morning prayers and the exchange of Eid Greetings, the streets, malls, and markets of the Emirates were bustling with excited residents.

Just after sunrise on Wednesday, many Muslims across the UAE performed special prayers in mosques and Eid mullahs on the first day of Eid Al Fitr. The streets were filled with excitement after the morning prayers and the exchange of Eid greetings. Restaurants and eateries that mainly closed early during Ramadan did not invite guests for a hearty breakfast on the first day of Eid.

For the residents of Dubai Zain Alsayed, Eid is all about big family gatherings. "After offering the morning prayers at the mosque, my family and I have been visiting friends and primarily spending time with our extended family," he said.

"Eid presents a wonderful chance to come together and celebrate collectively. Around 20 of my relatives gathered at my father's uncle's residence in Sharjah. People have traveled from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain; like us, many have traveled from Dubai. It's heartwarming to reunite in one location and commemorate these joyous occasions together."

According to Zain, a Syrian Canadian expat, sharing food during festivals holds a special significance in their culture, as does many others worldwide. "A few of my aunts have prepared unique dishes, particularly some interesting desserts traditionally made only during the festival season. Additionally, we have arranged for some food to be catered for lunch. Our menu features Biryani, with barbecue being the highlight. Following lunch, we plan to visit and catch up with friends."


Other countries guest's arrival

Indian expat Zoya Shaikh's family visits them from the UK and India. They traveled, especially during Ramadan, to spend time with family here. "My sister-in-law came with her children from the UK, and my mother-in-law came from India. We spent a blessed time this Ramadan with the family in prayer together, and today, we are all going out for lunch at Al Wasi in Nihari Handi. Restaurants have special Eid menus, but after a month of fasting, I want to go easy on the food," said Zoya.

"Eid is also a special time for children as they look forward to Eidiya, and this year is different because my children have their cousins over. So it's quite a houseful. After the morning prayers, the children were ready for their Eidiya. The kids all wore new clothes today (Wednesday). We did Eid shopping a week ago, some in-store and a few online, as many deals were available. Later in the day, we might catch the Eid fireworks somewhere," the Abu Dhabi resident added.

Reminiscing Traditions

Sudanese expatriate Abdelrahim Alsaigh woke early for the Eid prayer, joining his father and sisters. "Giving out Eidiya to the kids is always the best part. As a 23-year-old, I love to be the adult who spreads joy among children," Alsaigh said.

The Alsaigh household is always occupied with sweets and Sudanese incense on this day. "Eid holds a special significance for me because it's when I can reunite with all my family and friends in a single day. We typically gather for lunch as a family. We always have Manakesh on this day as a household tradition. Post lunch, I catch up with my friends, all of us adorned in our finest attire for the occasion, and we go to the malls as they are beautifully lit up."

Hotels from all across the country enjoy and celebrate remarkable occupancy rates during this festive season. Many individuals take this opportunity to take advantage of deals and retail offers while embarking on culinary adventures to indulge in the festive spirit fully. Adding to it, residents eagerly assume the spectacular fireworks displays that are a hallmark of the vibrant festivities in the nation.

Meanwhile, Dubai's Eidiya Digital Raffle allows shoppers to win big prizes by spending Dh200 at participating malls. Each coupon qualifies for a draw with prizes summing to Dh200,00. Over Eid, 22 winners will be chosen with prizes ranging from Dh5,000 to Dh15,000. Eighteen malls are participating, including Arabian center, Dubai Outlet Mall, and Lulu hypermarket Silicon Oasis.


Treating neighbors

Dubai resident Bhavya Rao is making the most of the day by spending time with her husband and two children. She also highlighted the offers across the city that have turned her into an avid shopper this festive season. "I am generally quite careful about my purchases. But on Tuesday, when I went to a supermarket, I saw that special: poultry items sold at half the price. I frankly had no plans to prepare Biryani. But the deals were so tempting that I ultimately bought quite a few items, even things I didn't want. I have spent nearly half the morning preparing a special Chicken Biryani for the festive occasion," said Bhavya.

Bhavya added that Eid in the UAE is a time for families to unite irrespective of race and religion. "My Egyptian neighbor came and gave us some Middle Eastern dessert. In the early evening, I" 'll take my kids to one of the play areas in the neighborhood as they have some exciting activities, especially for the children.

I am looking forward to catching one of the Eid Al Fitr firework displays in the late evening," she included.

#uaeeidcelebration #eid2024 #uaetravel #ramadan #uaeholidays 

Published on : 08-04-2024

For the first time in Boston on Sunday, Etihad Airways launched the regular services between Abu Dhabi and the US city. Thereby strengthening ties and enriching travel options for passengers.

Etihad Airways touched down for the first time in Boston on Sunday, marking the launch of the regular services between Abu Dhabi and the US city, making ties strong and enriching travel options for passengers. The inaugural flight, EY147, was celebrated at Abu Dhabi Airport before take off. On arrival in Massachusetts, Etihad's captains waved UAE and US flags from the cockpit to celebrate the start of the carrier's fourth nonstop service to America.

The latest service works on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays while using a state-of-the-art Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, thus featuring the airline's acclaimed Business Studios and Economy Smart seats. Etihad's Chief Executive Officer Antonoaldo Neves says, "We are excited to inaugurate flights to Boston, further extending our reach all across the United States and enhancing connectivity for travelers."

He also said, "This new route not only brings the allure of Abu Dhabi and Dubai to the American Northeast but also signifies our commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences and fostering global connections. The new route is timed to offer convenient links to our growing network for corporate business travelers and leisure guests connecting to destinations across the Middle East and our 11 routes across India."

Massport Interim CEO and Aviation Director Ed Freni said, "Massport is pleased to welcome Etihad Airways to Boston Logan International Airport with a new flight to Abu Dhabi. This route provides a key connection between Boston and the UAE, and New Englanders now have even more options when planning a trip to the Middle East and beyond."

Boston even joins Chicago, New York, and Washington as Etihad's fourth destination in the United States, complementing existing services and reinforcing the airline's dedication to facilitating seamless travel experiences. Additionally, the flights to Toronto in Canada further expand Etihad's North American footprint, giving passengers enhanced accessibility and convenience.

#abudhabi #uaeairlines #boston #etihad #aviation #uaenews #uaetravelnews2024 

Published on : 05-04-2024

With the upcoming Urban Development Projects, Sharjah City is setting a new attraction for its residents and tourists. A lake was inaugurated as a strategic plan for a water reservoir for people.

Sharjah City is all set to showcase a new attraction for residents and tourists. A lake was inaugurated on Saturday afternoon, serving as a strategic water reservoir for people. Al Hefaiyah, the water body, is situated on the Sharjah-Kalba Road after the Al Hiyar Tunnel and is part of the Emirati's upcoming urban development projects.

The lake is surrounded by a 3.17-kilometer dual-lane road, which allows tourists to stroll and enjoy the scenic view, with a play area covering 620 square meters for children. Earlier this month, Hanging Gardens, with over 100,000 trees spanning an area of 1.6 million square feet and a height of 281 meters above sea level, was opened in Kalba for its residents.

Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi inaugurated the lake who is a Supreme Council member and Ruler of Sharjah, who was in attendance with Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, and Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah.

The lake is 132,000 square meters and has been built with some of the latest technology, including new construction materials best suited for hilly climates, pipes linking the mountains and the lake for surplus water storage, rainwater collection, and valley run-off management. With a capacity of 155 million gallons and a depth of up to four meters, it has a 3.2-kilometre-long water conduit for bringing water from the lowlands and nearby mountains. Three barriers and filters have been erected to reduce the entry of valley water into the lake and purify it of contaminants and sediments.

The mountain alongside the lake spans 11.7 km. It includes a variety of paths of varying lengths and difficulty levels, consisting of the Al Hefaiyah Lake Trail, Eastern Mountain Trail, Southern Al Friesh Mountain Trail, Northern Al Friesh Mountain Trail, and Al Friesh Lake Trail.

The lake also consists of a mosque in the compound that can have around 495 worshippers. The emirate's ruler lifted the curtain over the plaque at the Al Hefaiyah Mosque, signaling its opening and leading the audience into the Maghrib prayer. The mosque covers an area of 852 square meters and is designed in the Fatimid style and decorated with geometric and floral themes. It has a 36-meter tall minaret, a women's prayer hall for 110 worshippers, an outdoor courtyard for 2040 worshippers, an Islamic library with books on explanation, jurisprudence, and legal rulings, and many ablution and lavatory areas for men and women.

The Al Hefaiyah Lake Project also consists of the Al Hefaiyah Rest House, which is 500 square meters and has a direct view of the lake and Kalba's high mountains, with the Hanging Gardens and waterfalls on one side and an 8500 square meter play area and green space on the other.

#sustainabletourism #responsibletourism #uaetourism #travelupdate2024 #uaenews2024 #sharjah

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