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Published on : 13-07-2024

The joint venture agreement signed in May 2023 would allow Garuda Indoensia and Singapore Airlines to collaborate more extensively on various commercial activities.

These include operating joint revenue-sharing flights amidst the two countries, coordinating flight schedules to offer travellers more options and seamless connectivity, and launching joint sales and marketing initiatives to enhance customer value.

Garuda Indoensia and Singapore Airlines have received the green light from Singapore's Competition and Consumer Commission for their commercial joint venture agreement. This landmark approval paves the way for the two airlines to deepen their strategic partnership, promising significant benefits for carriers and the broader travel markets of Indonesia and Singapore.

Initially signed in May 2023, the joint venture agreement would allow Garuda Indoensia and Singapore Airlines to collaborate more extensively on various commercial activities. These include operating joint revenue-sharing flight schedules to offer travellers more options and seamless connectivity and launching joint sales and marketing initiatives to enhance customer value.

Since the start of the agreement, both airlines have been working on various initiatives, including enabling GarudaMiles and KrisFlyer members, their respective frequent flyer programs, to earn and redeem miles on codeshare routes and launching joint marketing campaigns to promote tourism. Currently, Garuda Indoensia and Singapore Airlines codeshare on multiple routes connecting Singapore with Indoensia cities such as Bali, Jakarta, Medan, and Surabaya, as well as on long-haul flights to destinations including Johannesburg, London, and Mumbai. Irfan Setiaputra, CEO of Garuda Indoensia, expressed his satisfaction with the approval. "We are very pleased to receive this approval as it marks significant progress towards our commitment to enhancing service quality and expanding our network through this deepening partnership. This joint venture will provide extensive value creation for our loyal customers," he said.

He also highlighted that the collaboration would offer passengers seamless services with more flight schedule options and easier mileage earning and redemption. He also emphasised the joint venture's potential for boosting Indonesian tourism and supporting the after-pandemic economic recovery. Goh Choon Phong, the CEO of Singapore Airlines, echoed these sentiments. "The robust strategic partnership between Garuda Indoensia and Singapore Airlines has enabled us to broaden our codeshare services over the last few years, offering our customers more flight choices. With the CCCS approval, we are poised to deepen our collaboration across a wider scope of commercial activities," he said.

Phong included that the enhanced partnership would improve connectivity between Indonesia and Singapore, benefiting business and leisure travellers and contributing to economic growth. The approval of the commercial joint venture between Garuda Indonesia and Singapore Airlines marks a prominent step in improving connectivity and service quality between Indonesia and Singapore. This collaboration is expected to provide more excellent value to customers, promote tourism, and support economic growth in the post-pandemic era.

#singaporeairlines #singaporenews #singaporeupdates #indonesia #aviation 

Published on : 13-07-2024

St Petersburg, Fla—The WTA declared on Thursday that women's professional tennis will return to Singapore in 2025 with the staging of a WTA 250 tournament.

The purpose-built Kallang Tennis Hub will host the event on indoor hard courts during the week of January 27 next year and will feature a 32-player singles draw and a 16-team doubles draw.  The tournament would provide an invite return to Singapore which stages the WTA Finals for five years from 2014 to 2018 and included an honour roll of Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki.

#singaporenews #singaporeupdate #sports #wta #tennis

Published on : 12-07-2024

Representatives from the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Geneva Airport have met with organisations and authorities in Singapore, including Singapore Airlines, to discuss the possibility of launching direct flights between Geneva Airport and Singapore Changi.

Simple Flying understands that Singapore Airlines' only concern is not its willingness to open the high-yielding and business-oriented route but rather a lack of Airbus A350s. In an interview, Geneva-based Philippe Meyer, an aviation consultant who often works with the local airport, tells us that the connection with Singapore is a familiar ambition. Still, today, it is seemingly more reachable.

A Trip to Singapore

A Swiss delegation from Geneva set off for Singapore at the end of last month to convince the world-famous carrier to start direct flights to GVA. After the trip, Vincent Subilia, Director General at the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, said on social media. "And what better way than a direct air service between Geneva and Singapore to further consolidate and strengthen historic toes all the service of the business community diplomatic circles and the many tourists eager to discover our magnificent region and Southeast Asia? We are on this with determination and conviction". Avid readers of Simple Flying will also recognise the iconic Singapore Airlines logo in the second photo down at the rightmost side of the publication. Meyer said, "I think now, with this delegation of the business community and the airport, direct flights to Singapore are in sight. The feedback I have from them is that they are very persuasive, and Singapore Airlines has been very receptive to this, and I think they are convenient that there is a market".

"It is a big market for the first rows of the plane."

Notably, the Geneva to Singapore connection would focus on high-yielding business passengers; booking data shows that last year, the route had approximately 37,000 roundtrip passengers, making Singapore GVAs the fourth largest long-haul market after Bangkok, Sau Paulo, and Seoul Incheon. The business aspect of this route is prominent, with various Geneva-headquartered companies establishing their Asian hubs in Singapore and vice versa. Subilia said, "While many Geneva-based companies have made the city-state their Asian hub, Geneva, which combines Swiss reliability and its international status, has served as a springboard for Singapore-based companies. Geneva Airport also recognised the relevance of premium demand; on its website, the company notes the following from Singapore, "Strong travel demand with around 45% of high yield traffic+dynamic business relations)". Geneva is also Singapore's largest unserved market per booking data outside of Asia; it only recently reached the top of the list, taking Vancouver's spot. Air Canada began its country's only connection to Singapore earlier this year.

The A350 is the perfect fit.

Singapore Airlines operates relatively high-density premium layouts onboard its Airbus A350 fleet, which Meyer believes is the best plane for the job. Ch aviation data depicts the carrier has 57 A350-900s in service. Thirty-three of the airline's A350-900s feature premium economy in the following layout.

  • 167 economy class seats
  • 24 premium economy seats
  • 42 business class seats

The remaining aircraft have 263 seats in economy and 40 in business, given that the most significant demand for flights between Geneva and Singapore would be those seated in the two higher-yielding cabins. Planes deployed in the sector would most likely feature the three-class layout. Meyer mirrored this based on his time as Director of International Affairs of Aviation Business at the Chamber of Commerce, which ended in 2015. Geneva is an attractive opportunity for Singapore Airlines, given its high-yielding potential and its growing attractive position as a business hub for Singaporean businesses and vice versa.

#singaporenews #singaporeairlines #aviation #airbus350 #airtravel #geneva

Published on : 12-07-2024

Indonesia aspires to become a top golfing destination in the region, as Singapore has been shutting courses, leaving a void for neighbouring countries to fill.

The city-states that a land crunch has led to the closure of many of its public golf courses, including the Marina Bay golf course, its last public 18-hole course, prompting enthusiasts of the sport to seek golf vacations overseas. "As Singapore has become more expensive and less affordable, we could provide a golf tourism destination replacement in Riau Islands, which has geographical proximity," said Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiago Uno.

Indonesia could position Riau Islands as the third largest tourist entry point after Bali and Jakarta as the country's golf tourism hub. Situated less than an hour's ferry ride from Singapore, the province has seven private and three public golf courses on the Batam and Bintan Islands, respectively. Furthermore, the demand for golfing has been growing in Indonesia, with the minister pointing out increased interest from international tourists and domestic players flocking to courses in Jakarta and Bali.

Sandiaga suggested that the country capitalises on the sports' growing popularity for tourism development under the government's ten new Bali initiatives that seek to promote destinations of the famed resort island. "We will map out the golf tourism opportunities in Lake Toba, Mandalika, and Labuan Bajo said Sandiaga. "Through golfing, we can improve tourism awareness in these super-priority destinations."

The country's golf industry has benefited from a surge in the sport's popularity, with the participation rate among Indonesians spiking 20% since the COVID-19 pandemic 2020, according to Indonesia Golf Association head for international relations Bernardino Moningka Vega. Bernardino pointed out that the pandemic restrictions on outdoor activities have inadvertently propelled golf to the forefront as it remained one of the few recreational options available.

"If growth was stuck between 5% and 6

Published on : 11-07-2024

Pizza can buy you happiness, and now Singapore hosts a great migration of international pizza superstars, all bringing their famous pies to sunny Singapore. And gone were the days when pizza meant a greasy slice from a cardboard box.

We are talking about doughs fermented longer than some relationship ovens that could make a dragon jealous and toppings so carefully sourced that they practically come with their passports. From Neapolitan classics that could transport you straight to the streets of Neapolitan to famous newfangled hybrids that could raise eyebrows in admiration, these are some of the best and newest and, if we may, utterly delicious pizzerias in Singapore.

  1. Lantica Pizzeria Da Michele

When Julia Roberts had a slice of Lantica Pizzeria Da Michele in the popular film Eat, Pray, and Love, everyone suddenly wanted a piece of this pie. You can now chase the same fever dream at the Singaporean outpost that adheres to a meticulously guarded traditional recipe passed down for generations for over 150 years. Thanks to the insistence on using Caputo flour and a customised Stefano Ferrara Napoli, an Italian-made domed brick oven exclusively for all of da Michele outlets worldwide for cooking their pies, the crust promises light and airy textures with an evenly distributed char. On the pizzas, one can savour ingredients often taken from the selected procedures and farmers in Southern Italy. Think creamy Agerola flor di latter, intensely savoury Armatore Cetraa anchovies, and a punchy 45-day aged pinata calabra salami.

  1. Beyond the Dough

Japanese pizzaiolo maverick Eddie Murakami, who trained at the highly rated Pizza Strada and Pizza Studio Tamaki in Tokyo, Japan, now makes excellent Tokyo Neapolitan pizzas at Beyond the Dough in Kampong Glam. he makes a special dough that is fermented for over 30 hours before it is baked in a wood-fired oven the result is a crust that east light and a tad bit chewy with a touch of savouriness in the pie thanks to Murakami's signature toss of Okinawan sea salt in the oven before baking it. Classics such as the Margherita 5 Formaggi and Bismarck are reliably tasty, but for something distinct, go for the Singapore Rampage, flaunting a base of chilli and shrimp inspired by the Singapore prawn noodle soup; consider washing the pies down with some batch premium Japanese sakes or wines from the New World and Old World all nimbly curated by director Shinji Yokota.

  1. Torno Subito

After catering to many pop-ups and collaboration diners in Singapore, celebrated chef Massimo Bottura has finally opened his inaugural permanent dining concept in the lush Como Dempsey enclave. Torno Subito, the second outpost of his fine-casual Italian restaurant that opened in Dubai in 2019, is a joyful reflection of his family and his childhood spent in Emilia Romagna, Italy. Besides playful modern Italian fare made up of pasta and small plates, Bottura also slings out pizzas that earned its flagship in Dubai a one Michelin star—made with every intent to honour Neapolitan style pizza using petra flour the 48-hour fermented dough results in a light and airy pizza crust that is distinctly aromatic. The same philosophy applies to ingredient sourcing. Take the Regina Margherita, for example, where tomatoes are from San Marzano flor di latter, mozzarella from Naples, and olive oil is from Modena.

  1. Il Clay Supper Club

The newly refreshed Clarke Quay is everything but boring, and something is bubbling at II Clay Supper Club, a chic pizzeria by day, and riverside supper club by night. Italian chef Ciro Sorrentino is at the hearth, most famous for his pizzeria Magheri in Cesenatico, Italy, which ranks among the 50 Top Pizzeria Eccellente Italia in 2023. The Italian native's Neapolitan-style pizza uses a 48-hour proofed dough that results in a pronounced crust. This is best represented with a classic Pizza Napoletana and the bestselling Regina Margherita brightened with juicy Italian tomatoes and herbaceous pesto. The piece de resistance? Sorrentino 6 cheese and honey pizza is a mixture of flor di latter smoked provolone, pecorino, mascarpone, gorgonzola mouse and parmesan crisps finished with a sparkle of truffle acacia honey. Each bit delivers lush and chewy textures with intense sweet and savoury flavours.

  1. Fortuna

Take a sojourn to the south of Italy in Fortuna Singapore, the island's first Sicilian Neapolitan restaurant, hailing from Sydney. This concept is the brainchild of Giorge Sorce, the No. 87 Pizzaiolo in the world, chef Omar Tutino and Fand B operator Egon Marzaioli. Expect a full-on carb affair because you cannot start without grazing on the wood-fired baked bread drizzled liberally with housemade chilli oil and honey. While at it, take a chance on the fried calamari that comes with a salumi XO mayo.

Acknowledge that the pizzas are curated by a master pizzaiolo who uses a dough that has been fermented for at least 50 hours. For a little more crunch, go for the fried and baked pizzas, which are gently fried and then baked to dry off the extra oil. The result offers extra crispness and flavour to the pizza dough.

#singaporenews #singaporeupdate #singaporefood #pizza #bestrestaurants #singaporetourism

Published on : 11-07-2024

Enchanted valleys, cheerful streets, markets, and fantastical forests, are just some of what fans of Disney cruises can expect on Board the upcoming Disney Adventure as per the details announced by Disney Cruise Line.

The ship, the sixth cruise liner from Disney, is the company's first homeport in Asia; its maiden voyage is scheduled to depart from Singapore in 2025. According to a press release, the Disney Adventure will sail three- and four-night voyages and can hold some 6700 passengers and 2500 crew members.

What to expect on Board

The Disney Adventure is curated around seven themed areas inspired by Disney, Pixar and Marvel films, including-

Imagination Garden—Described as the heart and gateway to the ship, features an enchanted valley garden and open-air performance venue.

Discovery Reef- A place to shop and dine with characters and stories from Disney's nautical movies like The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo.

San Fransokyo Street- a street market-inspired family entertainment area with interactive game shops and movie theatres.

Wayfinder Bay: A Pacific island inspired by a poolside retreat reflecting the colours and look of Moana.

Town Square- A gathering place for fans of Disney royalty with shops and restaurants built into a forest reminiscent of Tangled Cinderella, Frozen, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Marvel Lnading- A place with all new attractions designed for fans of Avengers superheroes.

Toy Story Place- A playland with themed food venues and water play areas inspired by Pixar's Toy Story franchise.

According to the release, staterooms will feature discreet Disney torches and the cruise line's split bath concept, so two people can get ready at once.

Like other Disney cruises, Disney Adventure would have characters onboard entertainment based on Disney songs and viewings of its most popular movies. Billed as the ultimate holiday at sea for families, Disney Adventure is for cruises of all ages with a spa fitness area and premium dining for parents, as to the press release. Plus, it will have distinct touches of Asia in a nod to the company's first cruise ship based in the region.

"By infusing Disney's signature service with handpicked experiences unique to Asia, guests, guests can look forward to the magic at sea through personalized touches, a selection of global cuisines, and abundant retail offerings with a distinctly local flavour," said Sarah Fox, vice president and regional general manager for Asia at Disney Cruise Line.

Other Disney Cruises

Disney Adventure joins Disney Crusie Lines' fleet of five shops alongside two others, the Disney Treasure and Disney Destiny, which are on the way as per the release. Disney cruises sail to the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. As per Tuesday's press release, Singapore's "strategic location, world-class air connectivity and port infrastructure make it a thriving studies hub in Southeast Asia. Cruises will run for at least five years as per an agreement between Disney Crusie Line and the Singapore Tourism Board. The ship's first departure date and voyage pricing have yet to be announced.

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Published on : 11-07-2024

The locals have questioned the government schemes that have enticed wealthy expats.

One of my favourite spots to walk through in Singapore is what my daughter calls the "red car house," situated on a corner in one of Singapore's wealthiest neighbourhoods. The majestic mansion has at least six red Ferraris and Lamborghinis parked outside. The house is famous in Singapore and is owned by a wealthy local businessman. It is so luxurious that it features a Crazy Rich Asians-inspired tour of the tiny island city-state based on the famous 2018 film.

The Hollywood hit was an invaluable marketing vehicle for Singapore and a gamble by its tourism board and film commission. Both threw their weight and an undisclosed sum behind the movie. The gamble paid off; after the film's release, Singapore experienced a record number of tourists and enjoyed a wave of global attention. Now, Singapore is trying to downplay the movie and the image that it presents. A reputation for high living and expensive business costs have become a sensitive topic for locals before the next general election. The city, one of Asia's leading financial centres, has been ranked the world's most expensive for one of the past 11 years by the annual Worldwide Cost of Living Survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Singapore wants to convince locals and expats, "What does it cost to live in Singapore, the world's most expensive city? As per a recent article from one of the government agencies. This dismissed familiar tropes, including "over-the-top mansions in Crazy Rich Asians the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands and costly cars". The government arguments are not all that is convincing; cost-saving advice includes not having to buy seasonal clothing because it is summer all year round. There are also promises of 45c cups of coffee and the ability to rent government housing as proof that the city is not necessarily as expensive as London or New York. For some, the city's extravagant image is still a bonus. Philip Choo, who was inspired by the book to launch cities first Crazy Rich Asians tour in 2014, says he is still enjoying high demand from customers, especially from the US. However, recent news stories have reinforced the cliches of foreigners living lavish lifestyles and pushing up costs for everyone else. In May, 35-year-old Chinese citizen Wang Yun. He was arrested in Singapore for allegedly running one of the world's largest cybercrime computer networks. As per the indictment, his possessions included a luxury apartment in the city's glitzy Orchard shopping district, a Ferrari F8 Spider and several Patek Philippe watches. The result is that more Singaporeans are questioning government schemes that have enticed the rich to live here; one example is the family office regime. More than 1400 single-family office funds now manage a family's wealth in the city-state compared with 50 in 2018.

Manu Bhaskaran, an economist and chief executive of Centennial Asia Advisors consultancy, told me that Singapore's rising costs resulted from government policy. The business model attracts foreign investors who bid up nets, wages, and other service costs. The family offices exemplify how much extra revenue they generate for the rest of us.

Perhaps aware of this sentiment, another government article has proclaimed that Singapore's high cost of living is limited to wealthy expatriates. It claimed city ranking calculations include "products such as brand name raincoats and foreign daily newspapers" not typically purchased by Singaporean households. Singaporeans need to be addressed. I wonder why they cherry-picked two items and said they are irrelevant to Singaporeans. Another observed that the difference might lie in the suggestion for expats because the average Singaporean is not supposed to aspire for the finer things in life.

#singaporenews #singaporeupdate #asians #immigrants #worldclass #destination #givernmentschemes #worldeconomy

Published on : 10-07-2024

The esteemed flag carrier of Singapore is playing a crucial role in transporting passengers from around the globe to the upcoming Olympic Games.

Singapore Airlines' excellence meets the excitement of the Paris 2024 Olympics, blending travel luxury with the thrill of international sports in a cheerful fusion. Operating from its central hub at Changi Airport, the airline ensures a seamless and luxurious travel experience for sports enthusiasts and athletes. Singapore Airlines flies to 76 international destinations in 32 states on six continents from its primary hub, Singapore Changi Airport. In addition, Saudi Airlines is facilitating travel for the Paris Olympics 2024, providing two flights from Singapore to Paris and helping to accommodate the influx of travellers heading to the games.

As a proud person of the Star Alliance, Singapore Airlines stands out with its iconic Singapore Girl branding, which is a lively one that has remained essentially unchanged over the years. Recognised globally as one of the finest carriers, Singapore Airlines holds a prestigious 5-star rating and has been named the world's best airline by Skytrax five times. The airline's fleet, which includes a mix of Airbus and Boeing aircraft like the A350, A380, Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Freighter Boeing 777 and Boeing 787, is well equipped to handle the influx of Olympic travellers. Its subsidiaries, such as Scoot, SIA Engineering Company Singapore Airlines Cargo and Singapore Flying College, enhance its rapid operational capacities.

Singapore Airlines made aviation history by being the first to introduce the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger aircraft, and the Boeing 787 10 into commercial service. It is also the exclusive operator of the ultra-long-range Airbus A350 900. The airline ranks among the top 15 carriers worldwide in revenue passenger kilometres and holds the tenth position worldwide for international passengers carried.

In preparation for the Olympics, Singapore Airlines has increased its flight frequencies and optimised its schedules to make sure timely arrivals and departures for all its passengers. The airline's commitment to safety, comfort, and exceptional service is evident in its various accolades. In 2019, it was honoured with the Skytrax World's Best Airline Cabin Crew award, and it secured the second and fourth spots for the World Best Airlines and World Cleanest Airlines, respectively. In 2023, the airline celebrated a significant achievement, winning the Skytrax awards for Best Airline and Best First Class Airline for the fifth time.

Connecting the World to the Olympics

With the Olympics drawing participants and spectators from every corner of the globe, Singapore Airlines facilitates their journey with direct flights to key cities. The airline's extensive network ensures travellers can easily reach the Olympics and experience the renowned service Singapore Airlines is famous for. Singapore Airlines takes passengers from all over the world, including key cities like-

Brunei- Bandar Seri Begawan

Cambodia- Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

Indoensia- Balikpapan, Jakarta, Kalibo, Lombok, Makassar, Manado, Medan, Palembang, Surabaya,a nd Yogyakarta

Laos-Lunga Prabang and Vientiane


Philippines- Cabu, Clark, Davao, Kalibo, and Manila

Singapore- Singapore

Thailand- Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Samui, Krabi, and Phuket

Vietnam- Da Nang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City


Flight routes from Singapore to Paris

Singapore International Airport 13:55 to Charles De Gaulle Airport 21:15 (Non-stop- 13 hrs 20 min)

Singapore International Airport 00:15 to Charles De Gaulle Airport 07:35 (Non stop-13 hrs 20 mins)

With its exceptional service and extensive route network, Singapore Airlines continues to set benchmarks in the aviation industry, thus making it a preferred choice for Olympic travellers worldwide. Whether you are an athlete, a coach, or a fan, Singapore Airlines promises a journey as remarkable as the games themselves.


Paris Airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airprot, known as Roissay Airprot, is one of Europe's busiest and most prominent airports. It is 23 kilometres northeast of Paris and is a leading international gateway connecting the French capital to destinations worldwide. Named after Charles de Gaulle, the leader of the Free French Forces during World War II and the founder of the French Fifth Republic, the airport features three main terminals that handle millions of passengers annually. CDG offers many amenities, including luxury shopping, fine dining and efficient transportation links to central Paris. Known for its modern architecture and state-of-the-art amentities, the airport plays a vital role in global air travel, providing travellers with a seamless and comfortable experience worldwide. In December 2023, it handled over 5491040 passengers, totalling 67,421,316 passengers for the year.


When visiting Paris for the Olympics 2024, make sure to explore these iconic places-

Eiffel Tower—No visit to Paris is complete without seeing this world-famous landmark; you can go up to the top for stunning city views.

Louvre Museum—Home to thousands of artworks, including the Mona Lisa, the Louvre is a must-visit for art lovers.

Notre Dane Cathedral- This historic cathedral, despite the recent fire, remains an architectural marvel and a symbol of Paris.

Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe- Stroll down this famous avenue and visit the impressive Arc de Triomphe for another excellent city view.

Montmartre and Sacre Coeur- Explore the artistic neighbourhood of Montmartre and visit the beautiful Sacre-Coeur Basilica.

Versailles Palace- Take a day trip to this opulent palace with its beautiful gardens outside Paris.

Seine River Cruise—Enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Seine River to witness various landmarks of Paris from the water.

Musee d Orsay- Visit this museum in a former railway station to see an extensive collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces.

Latin Quarter- Wander through this vivacious area known for its lively surroundings, historic sites and charming cafes.

Le Marais- Discover this trendy district with its historic buildings, boutique shops and various restaurants.

Tuileries Garden- Relax in this beautiful public garden amidst the Louvre and Place de la Concorde.

Centre Pompidou-Explore is a modern art museum known for its unique architecture and extensive contemporary art collection.

Pantheon- Visit this mausoleum that houses the remains of distinguished French citizens in the Latin Quarter.

Luxembourg Gardens—Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of these gardens, which are suitable for a stroll or a picnic.

Opera Garnier- Marvel at the grandeur of this historic opera house that inspired the setting for "The Phantom of the Opera".

These attractions would enrich your visit to Paris by providing a mixture of cultural, historical, and artistic experiences alongside the excitement of the Olympic Games.

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Published on : 10-07-2024

According to officials, the Yatra was temporarily suspended on July 6 morning due to heavy rainfall but resumed later.

According to officials in Srinagar, more than 7500 pilgrims visited the Amarnath cave shrine on July 6, bringing the number of devotees who had darshan of the naturally formed ice lingam to over 1.59 lakhs. The Amarnath Yatra began on June 29 from the twin tracks, the traditional 48km Nunwan Pahalgam route in Anantnag and the 14 km shorter but steeper Baltal route in Ganderbal. They said the Yatra was temporarily suspended on Saturday morning due to heavy rainfall but resumed later.

"On Saturday, 7552 pilgrims performed the yatra and had darshan of Baba Bholenath on the eighth day of the annual yatra," officials said. They said 5019 male pilgrims, 1406 female pilgrims, 118 sadhus and three sadhvis were among those who paid obeisance at the cave shrine. Also, 869 security personnel, three transgender persons and 134 children performed the pilgrimage, they said. With this, the number of pilgrims who have visited the 3800-meter-high cave shrine in the south Kashmir Himalayas has reached 1,59,498 officials.

The deaths of two devotees, a sevadar from Haryana and a pilgrim from Jharkhand, have been reported during this year's Yatra so far. Both of them suffered a cardiac arrest on the Baltal route in June, as per the officials. The 52-day pilgrimage would conclude on August 19; more than 4.5 lakh pilgrims paid obeisance at the cave shrine last year.

#indianews #amarnathyatra #indiaupdate #pilgrims #spirituality

Published on : 09-07-2024

Manchester United and Malaysia Airlines have declared a multi-year partnership that would see the award-winning airline that has become the club's official commercial airline.

As an established and respected name in global aviation, Malaysia Airlines prides itself on representing Malaysia and providing best-in-class customised experiences for its passengers, reflecting the Malaysian culture of welcoming and hospitable service. The partnership was announced by Malaysia Airlines Group Managing Director of Malaysia Aviation Group, Izham Ismail, at a major industry trade fair in Kuala Lumpur. To celebrate the announcement, former Machester United defenders Patrice Evra and Wes Brown flew the world as players and ambassadors for the club. During the event, the two United legends were asked about the significance of the new partnership.

"Manchester United has fans worldwide, and our passionate support here in Asai always impresses me. I am pleased to be able to share our partnership with Malaysia Airlines with those fans and introduce them to the best-in-class service they provide. Wes and I travelled here on Malaysia Airlines and would like to thank them for their comfortable journey. Everything was perfect, from the food to the comfortable seats and friendly service," said Patrice Evra.

"I am fortunate enough to represent Manchester United at events worldwide. I have visited Malaysia many times, and I am always blown away by the warm welcome I receive. Malaysia Airlines is a true representation of Malaysia's friendly culture, and I cannot wait to work with them and engage with our fantastic supporters," said Wes Brown. Also speaking at the event was Manchester United's CEO of Alliances and Partnerships, Victoria Timpson, who said: "Manchester United has a long-standing and proud connection with Malaysia with a history of passionate support from across the country.

"We have three official Malaysian supporters clubs, with the Kuala Lumpur branch boasting one of the club's largest supporter communities reflecting the country's love of all things United. "We are very pleased to welcome Malaysia Airlines to our family of partners and look forward to sharing its trusted, welcoming and hospitable service with our global fans."

The Managing Director of Malaysia Aviation Group, Izham Ismail, said, "We are delighted to announce this exciting partnership with Manchester United, a club synonymous with excellence and sporting passion worldwide. "This collaboration brings together two global icons, Malaysia Airlines and Manchester United, and would create unforgettable experiences for our fans and customers. Aligning with a globally recognised club like United places Malaysia Airlines in front of a massive worldwide audience, significantly boosting brand recognition, especially in Europe and Southeast Asia, where United has a large fanbase. "We look forward to the exciting opportunities this collaboration brings and the joy it will bring to football enthusiasts worldwide."



To celebrate its partnership with Manchester United, Malaysia Airlines is offering one lucky fan the chance to experience its premium hospitality and warm welcome for themselves. The winner will receive two business class flights to a destination of their choice, a two-night stay in Manchester, personalised Manchester United shirts, two exclusive passes to watch a Manchester United first-team training season and two hospitality tickets for a United match at Old Trafford.

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