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Before using our website or providing personal details, you must carefully read our Privacy Policy. You are requested to review our given Privacy Policy when you visit our website to clarify the usage of the personal data you furnish us.

Our Privacy Policy briefs about the methods, objectives, and statutory guidelines we follow using the information you furnish.

The title owner of this portal adopts a positive approach to its Privacy Policy and affirms the term(s) of the Policy to shield the Privacy of the User (s).


BOOKMYBOOKING.COM recognizes the importance of data privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of the User's data in good faith, acting with integrity as a professional and ethical data controller.

Our Privacy Policy applies to the User(s) who uses our services or use our information provided by BOOKMYBOOKING or its staff or website.

For this Privacy Policy, wherever the context so requires, "We" or "Us" shall mean "BOOKMYBOOKING.COM", and the term "You", "Consumer", and "Client" shall mean "User(s)".

For this Privacy Policy, "Data" refers to "personal/ professional/ confidential/ sensitive information." By accessing the website BOOKMYBOOKING.COM or "other source(s) of our business service" or “Sales Channel,” it shall be deemed that the 'You/User' consent(s) to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

You are advised not to use our website if you disagree with the conditions of our Privacy Policy.

User(s) travelling to the United Arab Emirates must ensure to follow the mandatory guidelines laid down by local authorities pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic upon reaching the country. Please refer to the official guidelines of the UAE government for further details at

The nature of our business mandate data collection and data processing, performed with all due diligence. Data collection depends upon the User's engagement with our website BOOKMYBOOKING.COM

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM is a professional company practising high-value ethical standards in its business affairs and adheres to the United Arab Emirates Personal Data Protection Law, Federal Decree-Law No-45 of 2021, regarding the Protection of Personal Data, complying in full. Safeguarding clients' personal information is our prime objective.

Our Privacy Policy briefs about our data collection, storage, and usage of confidential information. As per the consumer right to information, we serve information as and when requested by the User, including editing rights.

The applicable Data Protection Law of the United Arab Emirates identify/recognize "Us" as the "Data Controller" of the User(s)/client(s) Data as provided to us.

To avoid non-consensus and conflict of interest, you must brief yourself on our Data privacy management".

'BOOKMYBOOKING.COM' uses your 'Data' after obtaining your consent,

You are under no obligation to share your personal information with us merely for browsing our web portal unless you request our service or register yourself on our website BOOKMYBOOKING.COM at will. After you share your information with us, you are not anonymous to us.

The data you provide is for our internal utility to deliver our services post-verification of your information.

All your personal, professional, sensitive, and financial information with us is kept in a highly secure environment and on a need-to-know basis.

Data Collection

Data collection is purposeful for BOOKMYBOOKING.COM and its commercial activities like offering services to its valued customers. We collect the information you provide us at your registration on our website BOOKMYBOOKING.COM or interacting with our personnel while requesting our service. The data/information inflow occurs during the ordinary course of our business when you contact us for our service/ information or email us your details.

Nature of Information

We collect basic details like your name, bank details (including credit/debit card)/identity details/ details of family members, contact/alternate contact numbers/ email address(s), permanent/current address/ country of nationality/ place of stay, and other related information that verifies the authenticity of your data.

  • We may collect your data when you engage online on our website or contact us for our service.
  • To ensure data privacy, we may place your data with our authorized service provider/s.
  • Your personal/ professional/confidential/ sensitive information we receive directly from you or a third party is used only after obtaining your consent.
  • We ask for your data which is/are necessary to provide our services.
  • We ask for data (personal/ professional/confidential/ sensitive information) of your family members/ dependant(s)/ minor(s), depending upon the type of your service request.
  • The data or information asked by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM is encrypted as a remedial exercise to protect the data or information from being misused.
Data Protection

All personal information/ payments/ financial transactions on our portal transmits using SSL-certified security encryption and transactions on our secured payment gateway. Your data is encrypted ensuring the highest form of data protection.

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM interfaces advanced security measures to prevent data theft, data protection, financial fraud, and data alteration.

“All credit/debit cards details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties”.

Sharing Personal Information

Disclosure of your personal information, if required, will be in good faith and under the Data Protection Law in force.

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM does not disclose/share your contact and email address nor use them for any other purpose without obtaining your consent.

Information Sharing

You may note that you provide your consent while registering on our website to share your information.

It is pertinent to note that BOOKMYBOOKING.COM does not delegate/authorize any end/another service provider(s) to use your information for any other purpose(s) except as directed by us to safeguard your personal information or data privacy management.


You may note the incident/event pertinent to disclosing your information herewith.

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM may disclose your Personal Information (Data) as provided by you if required to do so if –

  • In the event of legal intervention, which binds BOOKMYBOOKING.COM to share your information with enforcement authority for investigation, either on the court order/ direction or legal process
  • to conduct internal regulatory compliance of our business, like audits or preparation of financial statements.
  • Please note that the above process may occur without serving prior information or after the procedure.
Consent Withdrawal

If you do not want us to share your personal information, you can revoke your consent anytime by informing us about your intent by email or phone OR NOT USING THE WEBSITE BOOKMYBOOKING.COM

Your Rights

You can access your personal information from your user account registered with BOOKMYBOOKING.COM.

You hold the right to rectify/ edit your personal information, or may delete it except for some mandatory details) and can also direct us to make the changes by mailing us.

Privacy Policy Change

We reserve the right to edit/revise our Privacy Policy as and when required from time to time to comply with legal, business and consumer requirements. You must frequently check our website for policies or business service changes.

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