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Blog Details

Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

Published on : 21-02-2024

11 Best Things To Do In Abu Dhabi | Attractions & Activities

Abu Dhabi, the lavish capital of the UAE, beckons travellers with a captivating blend of tradition and modernity. The city unfolds as a hub of culture, luxury, and adventure. With its shifting dunes, the Arabian Desert offers exceptional adventures, from camel rides and thrilling activities to photography sessions capturing mesmerizing landscapes. The city's museums showcase magnificent artworks and host cultural events, enriching visitors with history and artistic brilliance. For those seeking relaxation, Abu Dhabi's pristine beaches provide a retreat with water sports, family-friendly activities, and vibrant cultural events. Qasr Al Watan, a majestic palace, invites artistic exploration, offering insights into the UAE's traditions, history, and governance. Thrill-seekers can experience the excitement of Ferrari World on Yas Island. At the same time, a luxurious cruise under the stars or a visit to the world's first Warner Bros.-themed hotel promises unique experiences. Nature enthusiasts can connect with wildlife at Sir Bani Yas Island, featuring wildlife safaris, outdoor activities, and serene beach retreats. The city's vibrant shopping scene includes souqs and malls where visitors can pamper themselves in retail therapy, cultural exhibits, and exquisite dining. Falconry experiences, culinary delights at unique venues, and a taste of the city's iconic Matilda Cake at Parker's add the final touches to a memorable visit to Abu Dhabi, where enchantment awaits at every turn.

Abu Dhabi is the luxurious capital of the UAE and an enchanting city where traditions and modern culture are captivated. Abu Dhabi is a hub of culture, luxury and adventure. Abu Dhabi in Arabic means Father of Gazelle; this name was given due to the numerous gazelles found in this area. Join us on a journey through the top attractions, hidden gems, and cultural wonders as we explore the must-see and best things to do in Abu Dhabi. Ready to be enchanted by the spellbinding charisma of this remarkable city?

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1. Discover the Desert

discover the desert from bookmybooking

The spectacular Arabian Desert with shifting dunes, thrilling activities, and cultural therapy in Abu Dhabi are exceptional adventures. Watching the sunset, sunrise, and pure, clean air in silence is a meditation for your soul. The mesmerizing deserts offer unique experiences for those who venture into their golden landscapes.

List of experiences offered at the Deserts:

  • Camels and other animals

Deserts are one of the unique and best places to visit in Abu Dhabi. During the desert safari, learn about camels and other desert animals. Enjoy the camel ride while appreciating the beauty of the Desert and the sunrise, which provides a slower and more peaceful exploration of the surroundings.

  • Thrilling activities

Enjoy thrilling activities like dune bashing, sandboarding or quad biking. These exciting rides provide an adrenaline rush as you traverse the undulating terrain.

  • Photography skills

The Desert is a fantastic place for nature photography, so show off your photography skills and click some amazing pictures in the Desert. This is one of the best outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi.

  • Desert Camping

Traditional camps are set in the Desert, offering some amazing Bedouin ambience. Sip traditional tea or coffee and dates at the desert camp, savour on BBQ dinner (vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available), and watch the Tanoura show and Belly dance.

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  • Sunset Desert Safari and other fun activities

Witnessing the sunset in the Abu Dhabi desert is a breathtaking experience. The shifting colours of the sky against the vast expanse of sand create a mesmerizing panorama. You can participate in henna painting and try on the traditional Arabic dress for a beautiful photoshoot. Sunset Desert Safari is one of the most relaxing things to do in Abu Dhabi.

  • Delicacies and star gazing

Enjoy the BBQ dinner along with shisha smoking under the stars. It's a great way to experience the beauty and thrill of the Desert while also getting a glimpse into the traditional culture of the UAE. The Desert's lack of light pollution makes it an ideal location for stargazing. On clear nights, the expansive sky comes alive with myriad stars, providing a celestial spectacle that is simply awe-inspiring.

2. Admire the Art

admire the art from bookmybooking

Museums in Abu Dhabi
showcase some magnificent masterpieces and reflect the exciting stories of the past. Stroll in the corridors and watch the art and technology made by famous artists. Abu Dhabi has some mindblowing museums with significant works by the finest artists. The stunning architectural structure of each museum is carefully crafted to show the unique heritage and culture of UAE via the museums.

Some of the famous museums of Abu Dhabi are:

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi: It houses a diverse collection of artworks from ancient civilizations to contemporary masterpieces. The Louvre is one of the most famous museums in Abu Dhabi. The Louvre was jointly developed by France and UAE, showcasing the world of art and culture along with stunning architecture. The museums host numerous online activities: musical playlists, poetry, books, learning resources and webinars on how art can benefit one's mental, social and physical wellbeing.
  • Guggenheim Abu Dhabi: The museum features the work of renowned artists and a significant collection of modern and contemporary art. The architectural masterpiece of the architect Frank Gehry serves as a cultural landmark. The museum hosts some of the extraordinary events in Abu Dhabi for kids, teens, families and adults. They also have a unique program for visitors with disabilities. Many ongoing initiatives can be found at the museum, like Poet-in-Residence, where the selected poets develop a project focusing on public space and poetry.

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List of experiences offered at the museums:

  • Cultural Events and exhibitions

Many exhibitions and events are hosted at the museum, depicting the culture of art through the ages. These events highlight the traditional customs, rituals and craftsmanship.

  • Chance to learn

The museums also host internship programs where you can learn about the art and culture. Visiting museums and exploring history and art is one of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi.

  • Membership programs

They host a membership program that helps with unlimited access to the museums, special discounts in the museum cafe and shop, access to monthly newsletters, and many more amenities.

  • Historical Artefacts

The museums house an extensive collection of historical artefacts, ranging from ancient tools and weapons to pottery and textiles.

3. Chill Out at the Beach

chill out at the beach from bookmybooking

Beat the scorching heat of the Desert at the mesmerizing beaches of Abu Dhabi. Beaches are one of the most relaxing destinations for people worldwide. The top beaches of Abu Dhabi offer a chance to rejuvenate, relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the enchanting scenery of the ocean. Some of the beaches in Dubai are:

  • Corniche Beach

The Corniche is a picturesque waterfront area with a beautiful beach. It offers a scenic view of the city skyline and is a famous spot for walking, jogging, and picnicking.

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  • Saadiyat Public Beach

The beach is known for its white sandy shores and clear waters. It's an excellent place for relaxation and water activities.

  • Kite Beach Abu Dhabi

Known for its popularity among kite surfers, Kite Beach offers a more active beach experience and unique outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi. You can also find various beachfront cafes and restaurants along the shoreline.

List of experiences offered at the beaches:

  • Water Sports Activities

The beaches offer many relaxing and fun activities: paddleboarding, kayaking, parasailing, jet-skiing, or just lazing on the beach under the sun. The beaches are vibrant hubs for those looking to add an adrenaline rush to their leisure time.

  • Family-friendly activities

Picnics on the beach are amazing things to do in Abu Dhabi with family. Most beaches have a designated play area for kids with shallow waters and a place to build sandcastles. Other amenities like changing facilities, beachside cafes offering refreshments and other games for kids are also available.

  • Diverse Marine Life

The clear waters of the Arabian Gulf provide a refreshing respite from the heat and serve as a playground for snorkelers and scuba divers eager to explore the diverse marine life beneath the surface.

  • Fitness and Wellness Activities

The scenic views and fresh sea breeze make beaches great for a morning run or a leisurely sunset stroll. Yoga classes and beachside fitness sessions are also commonly offered by the top beaches in Abu Dhabi, allowing participants to harmonize their well-being with the serene natural surroundings.

  • Cultural Events and Festivals

The beaches often host events, ranging from live music performances to themed parties, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the already enchanting beach experience.

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4. Cultural Trip

cultural trip from bookmybooking

Qasr Al Watan, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is a majestic palace symbolizing the country's rich cultural heritage and dedication to knowledge and innovation. A cultural trip to Qasr Al Watan offers visitors a unique and immersive experience, providing insights into the UAE's traditions, history, and governance. Here are some fantastic things to do in Abu Dhabi while visiting the cultural trip.

  • Architectural Marvel

Marvel at the stunning architecture that blends traditional Arabian design with modern elements. The palace is decorated with detailed carvings, doors and arches by skilled artisans. Experience the grandeur of the main entrance, featuring impressive gates and a meticulously landscaped courtyard. Explore the opulent interiors adorned with exquisite decorations, including chandeliers, carpets, and artworks.

List of experiences offered at the cultural trip:

  • Presidential Palace

Qasr Al Watan is not just a tourist attraction but also a working palace where official events and state visits take place. Qasr Al Watan is one of the best tourist places in Abu Dhabi. Gain insights into the political and diplomatic functions of the palace.

  • Library of Qasr Al Watan

Delve into the vast collection of books and manuscripts at the palace's library, which houses a diverse range of literature on the history and culture of the UAE.

  • Educational Exhibits

Engage with informative exhibits that deeply understand the country's history, governance, and cultural values. Learn about the formation of the UAE and its journey to becoming a modern nation. Visiting Qasr Al Watan is one of the indoor activities in Abu Dhabi that provides both fun and education.

  • Sound and Light Show

Attend the captivating sound and light show held in the palace's courtyard during the evenings. Witness the history of the UAE unfold through a visually stunning display accompanied by music and narration.

  • Gardens and Surroundings

Stroll through the beautiful and colourful gardens surrounding the palace, offering a serene atmosphere amidst the grandeur.

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  • Gift Shops and Cafes

Visit the gift shops to purchase souvenirs, traditional handicrafts, and books about the UAE's culture. Relax at the on-site cafes, enjoying a blend of traditional Arabian and international cuisine.

5. Test your Driving Skills

test your driving skills from bookmybooking

Abu Dhabi Ferrari World is one of the first Ferrari-branded theme parks on Yas Island and one of the largest indoor theme parks. The unique blend of entertainment, technology and the iconic Ferrari brand will awaken a sense of exhilaration, thrill and appreciation for the beauty of the cars. Marvel at the iconic and classic double-curve side profile of Ferrari. It's a family-friendly attraction with rides suitable for visitors of all ages, such as the Junior GT, Tyre Twist, and Carousel.

List of experiences offered at Ferrari World:

  • Thrilling Rides

Ferrari World is one of the only amusement parks in Abu Dhabi where you can experience adrenaline-pumping rides like Formula Rossa, the world's fastest roller coaster, and other thrilling attractions like Flying Aces, Fiorano GT Challenge, and Turbo Track.

  • Ferrari-Inspired Exhibits

The Ferrari world offers exhibits showcasing these iconic cars' history, technology, and evolution.

  • Simulators and Virtual Reality

Engage in high-tech simulators and virtual reality experiences that allow you to feel the thrill of driving a Ferrari on famous racing tracks.

  • Live Shows

Attend live shows featuring performances and demonstrations related to Ferrari and motorsports. Look for Abu Dhabi city tours on BMB; they cover many of Abu Dhabi's prominent landmarks at a fantastic price.

  • Scuderia Challenge

Test your racing skills at the Scuderia Challenge, a state-of-the-art racing simulator where visitors can compete against each other.

  • Italian Cuisine

Relish a taste of Italy at the various restaurants and cafes within Ferrari World, offering a range of Italian delicacies and international cuisine.

  • Ferrari Store

Visit the Ferrari Store for an exclusive shopping experience, where you can find branded merchandise, clothing, and memorabilia.

  • Ferrari World at Night

Experience the unique ambience of Ferrari World at night when the park is beautifully illuminated, creating a magical atmosphere.

6. Luxurious Cruise

luxurious cruise from bookmybooking

One of the top activities to do in Abu Dhabi is to embark on a luxurious and scenic cruise. Experience the luxury under the stars, modern skyline and beautiful coastline. Combining soothing waters with top-notch hospitality and delicious food during a romantic evening or a family celebration is the most beautiful and relaxing time in Abu Dhabi. Explore chartering a private yacht for a personalized and intimate cruise experience. Consider a traditional dhow cruise to experience a blend of luxury and cultural charm. Dhows are traditional Arabian wooden boats refurbished into luxurious restaurants that offer a unique ambience for a relaxing cruise.

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List of experiences offered by the luxurious cruise:

  • Marina Views

One of the mesmerizing things to do in Abu Dhabi is to cruise through Corniche and Marina, enjoying breathtaking views of the city's skyline, modern architecture, and iconic landmarks.

  • Gourmet Dining Onboard

Relish a delicious gourmet dinner prepared by skilled chefs while enjoying the serenity of the sea.

  • Sunset Cruises

Experience the magic of a sunset cruise, where the changing colours of the sky create a picturesque backdrop for your journey. Sunset cruises often offer a romantic and tranquil atmosphere.

  • Onboard Amenities

Explore the luxurious amenities offered onboard, including spacious lounges, sun decks, jacuzzis, and well-appointed cabins in case of overnight cruises. Look into exclusive Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour packages on BMB that may include additional services like private transfers, guided tours, or other amenities.

  • Water Activities

Some luxury cruises provide opportunities for water activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

  • Live Entertainment

The cruises offer live entertainment such as music, traditional dance performances, or themed parties, enhancing the overall experience.

  • Photography Opportunities

Capture the beauty of Abu Dhabi from a unique perspective, with opportunities for stunning photographs against the backdrop of the cityscape.

7. Walk Down the Memory Lane with Your Kids

walk down the memory lane with your kids from bookmybooking

Visit the most amazing amusement parks in Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros. Remember the cartoons we grew up watching, learning and enjoying the most? We used to complete our school homework and run to watch our favourite characters and new episodes. Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi brings your favourite childhood character alive, from Batman, Bugs Bunny, Superman, Scooby-Doo, Tweety, and Tom & Jerry, all the characters you love. Discover amazing rides, events, and different themed areas and meet your favourite character.

List of experiences offered by Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi or some of the fun things to do in Abu Dhabi.

  • Gotham City
  • Step into Gotham City to come face to face with Batman and the villain, the Riddler.
  • Batman: Knight Flight: An exhilarating 4D flying experience that takes you soaring through Gotham City alongside Batman.
  • The Riddler Revolution: A spinning roller coaster featuring the iconic Batman villain, the Riddler.
  • Metropolis
  • Meet the defenders of Earth: Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and many more.
  • Superman 360: Battle for Metropolis: A multimedia experience that immerses you in the world of Superman, combining 3D projection and physical effects.
  • Justice League: Warworld Attacks: Join the Justice League in a 5D dark ride to battle against villains like Lex Luthor and The Joker.

Book your Abu Dhabi tour packages via BMB to enjoy Warner Bros.

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  • Cartoon Junction
  • Tom and Jerry: Swiss Cheese Spin is a family-friendly spinning ride with Tom and Jerry in pursuit of each other.
  • Ani-Mayhem: An interactive dark ride featuring animated characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.
  • Bedrock

The Flintstones Bedrock River Adventure: A gentle boat ride through the prehistoric world of Bedrock with the beloved characters from The Flintstones.

  • Dynamite Gulch
  • Fast and Furry-ous: A roller coaster ride featuring Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, providing a thrilling adventure with unexpected twists and turns.
  • Daffy's Jet-Propelled Pogo Stick: A bouncy and fun ride with Daffy Duck. Enjoying these rides is one of the most thrilling things to do in Abu Dhabi.
  • Stay at WB Abu Dhabi Hotel, Yas Island Abu Dhabi.

One day is not enough to relive your childhood memories and meet all our favourite superheroes. You can stay at the world's first Warner Bros.-themed hotel, where you can meet some of your favourite Warner Bros. characters and enjoy the hotel's luxury. The hotel delivers a range of amenities, including a dive-in theatre, spa, kids' club, splash pad, two pools, and five dining options. The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is during your kid's holidays so that they can experience the fantastic world of Warner Bros.

  • Entertainment & other Amenities
  • Live Shows: Enjoy live performances and entertainment featuring iconic characters from various franchises.
  • Download the park map: You can now download the park map and navigate your way through Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi.
  • Dining and Shopping

Explore themed restaurants and cafes inspired by Warner Bros. characters. Visit unique shops offering exclusive merchandise, including souvenirs and memorabilia.

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Yas Island is home to one of the most fantastic water Parks in Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, which can be explored along with the Warner Bros. World.

8. Discover yourself in nature and wildlife

discover yourself in nature and wildlife from bookmybooking

Sir Bani Yas Island is a beautiful natural island located in the Arabian Gulf near the coast of Abu Dhabi, UAE. The island is known for its diverse wildlife, archaeological sites, and luxurious resorts. Relax and refresh near nature and explore the wildlife of Abu Dhabi.

List of experiences you can enjoy at Sir Bani Yas Island

  • Wildlife Safari

Discover the wilderness during the thrilling wildlife safari at Sir Bani Yas Island. The park is home to various animals, including Arabian oryx, giraffes, cheetahs, and more. The guided safari will help you to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. The wildlife safari is one of the most exciting things to do in Abu Dhabi.

  • Outdoor Activities

Engage in various outdoor activities to connect with nature. The island offers opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. The diverse landscapes, from mountains to beaches, provide a unique setting for adventure enthusiasts.

  • Snorkeling and Water Activities

The crystal-clear waters surrounding Sir Bani Yas Island make it an ideal location for water activities. Explore the vibrant marine life or engage in water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding.

  • Beach Retreats

Enjoy the tranquillity of the island's pristine beaches. Stroll along the sandy shores, relax under the sun, or indulge in a beachfront picnic. The serene surroundings offer a perfect setting for self-reflection. Beach therapy is one of the quiet and peaceful things to do in Abu Dhabi.

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  • Luxurious Accommodations

Sir Bani Yas Island features luxurious resorts that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Stay in comfort and style while being surrounded by the island's beauty. Many accommodations offer stunning views and eco-friendly amenities.

  • Stargazing

The island's remote location, away from city lights, provides an enchanting opportunity for stargazing. The clear night skies offer a breathtaking view of stars, constellations, and celestial wonders. The calming effect on the mind and soul by observing the night sky will help you feel more connected to the universe and gain a sense of serenity. Star gazing is one of the mindful things to do in Abu Dhabi.

  • Cultural Experiences

The island has historical significance, with evidence of human presence dating back to ancient times. There are archaeological sites on the island, including remnants of a Christian monastery believed to have been built around 600 AD.

  • Spa and Wellness

Enhance your connection with nature by indulging in spa and wellness treatments. Many resorts on Sir Bani Yas Island offer rejuvenating experiences, allowing you to unwind and connect with your inner self. These islands are among the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi.

9. Shop till you Drop

shop till you drop from bookmyboking

Abu Dhabi is the world of retail therapy, luxurious shopping, and a paradise for avid shoppers. Abu Dhabi offers opulent and expansive malls featuring local and international luxury brands. Abu Dhabi is also home to some of the traditional markets and souqs featuring traditional clothes, perfumes, handicraft items, delicious dates and Gold items.

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List of Souqs and Malls in Abu Dhabi:

  • Madinat Zayed Gold Souq
  • Yas Mall
  • The Galleria Al Maryah Island
  • Carpet Souq
  • Al Ain Souq
  • Abu Dhabi Mall
  • Marina Mall

List of experiences the Mall offers:

  • Shopping Extravaganza

Explore high-end fashion, electronics, and local and international brands in malls like Yas Mall, The Galleria, and Marina Mall.

  • Entertainment Hubs

Visit entertainment zones offering cinemas, arcades, and indoor theme parks for a fun-filled experience.

  • Dining Delights

Savour various cuisines at the malls' diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and food courts. The malls have some of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

  • Cultural Exhibit

Discover art installations and cultural exhibits that some malls host, showcasing local and international talent.

  • Health and Wellness

Many malls offer fitness centres, spas, and wellness facilities for those looking to unwind or maintain their fitness routines.

List of experiences Souqs offers:

  • Gold Souq Glamour

Explore the Gold Souq, where you can admire and purchase intricately designed gold and silver jewellery.

  • Traditional Souq Shopping

Immerse yourself in the authentic surroundings of traditional souqs selling local crafts, spices, and textiles. The traditional souqs are the historical places in Abu Dhabi where you can find traditional and cultural gems and souvenirs.

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  • Perfume Sampling

Indulge in the rich scents of Arabic perfumes and traditional attars, often available in the souqs.

  • Spice Market Adventure

Wander through spice markets, experiencing the vibrant colours and aromas of various spices used in local cuisine.

  • Traditional Handicrafts

Discover traditional Emirati handicrafts, including carpets, textiles, and pottery, showcasing the rich cultural heritage.

  • Heritage Exploration

Some souqs host exhibitions that delve into the region's history, offering a glimpse into Abu Dhabi's heritage. Visiting souqs is one of the fun things to do in Abu Dhabi.

  • Local Cuisine Tasting

Savour local delicacies in souq eateries, enjoying traditional Emirati dishes and international flavours.

  • Haggling Fun

Engage in the traditional art of haggling to get the best deals.

10. Fly with the Falcons

fly with the falcons from bookmybooking

In Abu Dhabi, spending time with falcons is a unique experience and an integral part of the region's cultural heritage. Falconry is deeply rooted in the region's history and culture, and experiencing it respectfully and sustainably contributes to preserving this traditional art form. Engaging with these majestic birds is one of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi.

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Here's how you can engage with these magnificent birds:

  • Falconry Centers and Experiences

Many luxury resorts and hotels in Abu Dhabi offer falconry experiences for guests. These experiences may include hands-on interactions with trained falcons guided by professional falconers. Falconry centres, like the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, provide educational tours where visitors can learn about the history of falconry and the different species of falcons and witness live demonstrations of these birds in action.

  • Falconry Festivals and Events

The festival in Abu Dhabi is celebrated in significant cultural and traditional ways. The Al Dhafra Festival features falconry competitions, camel milking competitions, Arabian horse races and many more competitions.

  • Falconry Shows

Some attractions and events in Abu Dhabi feature live falconry shows. These shows often showcase the remarkable skills of these birds, including their speed, agility, and precision in hunting.

  • Desert Safari Tours

Many desert safari tours include falconry experiences in the Abu Dhabi tour packages. Visitors can enjoy a desert excursion while also having the opportunity to witness falconry demonstrations in a traditional Bedouin-style setting.

  • Falconry Workshops

Some organizations conduct falconry workshops, allowing participants to learn the basics of handling and flying falcons under the guidance of experienced falconers.

  • Falcon Hospitals

Visit the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, which is not only a veterinary facility for falcons but also offers guided tours. Visitors can get up close with these birds, learn about their care, and even hold a falcon under supervision.

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Things to do in Abu Dhabi when you visit Falcon Hospital:

  • Guided Tours

The hospital offers guided tours to visitors, providing insights into the world of falconry and the medical care provided to these majestic birds. You can learn about the history of falconry, the different species of falcons, and the significance of falcons in the local culture.

  • Falconry Experiences

The hospital provides hands-on falconry experiences for visitors, one of the most exciting things to do in Abu Dhabi. This may include the opportunity to hold a falcon, learn about the traditional equipment used in falconry, and witness the impressive skills of these birds.

  • Educational Programs

The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital conducts educational programs and workshops for locals and tourists. These programs cover various aspects of falconry, including the training, behaviour, and conservation of falcons.

  • Training Courses for Falconers

The hospital offers training courses for individuals interested in becoming falconers. These courses cover the fundamentals of falconry, bird training techniques, and the responsibilities of caring for a falcon.

11. Dance with flavours and clinking glasses

dance with flavours and clinking glasses from bookmybooking

One of the most amazing things to do in Abu Dhabi is experience the one-of-a-kind culinary delights the city offers. Abu Dhabi has some of the most unique places, presenting extraordinary food, desserts, and beverages. Renowned chefs specially curate these exceptional delicacies for an ultimate experience of flavours and culinary delights.

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List of some unique delicacies of Abu Dhabi.

  • The famous Hepburn High Tea at Conrad Abu Dhabi

Elevate your tea experience amidst luxury at Conrad Abu Dhabi, where each sip is a journey into tranquillity. Enjoy the award-winning Hepburn High Tea at The Observation Deck at 300, elevating you to 300 meters above Abu Dhabi. It is one of the best tourist places in Abu Dhabi. Savour on a specially crafted menu by Pastry Chef Sumeda Palihakkara: sandwiches, salads, tea and delicious desserts combined with the panoramic views of the city, plush seating and luxurious ambience.

  • Treat your sweet tooth at Butcher & Still with a 34-layer chocolate cake.

Try out the most delicious, light, spongy chocolate cake of 34 layers, the Tribune Tower Chocolate Cake. Specially crafted by Executive Pastry Chef Rasika Mahina, this cake represents Chicago's tallest skyscrapers in the 1920s. The 34-layer cake brings Abu Dhabi to the list when you look for Dubai vs Abu Dhabi.

  • Stop by Marmellata for some pizza that is worth the wait.

It started as a tiny venue that used to open one night a week and always sold out; it is now a new restaurant with extended hours for everyone to taste the old and new flavours of the specially curated pizza they offer.

  • Dine at the top of the farthest-leaning building in Abu Dhabi.

Dine at Cyan Brasserie, the restaurant in the Andaz Capital Gate. The 35-storey building, which leans at an angle of 18 degrees, holds the Guinness World Record for standing as the farthest manmade leaning building in the world. Visiting Cyan Brasserie is one of the mesmerizing things to do in Abu Dhabi. The restaurant provides a unique dining experience at the top of a leaning building, providing stunning views and a memorable meal.

  • Pitch black dining at Fresh Basil

Fresh Basil offers a dining experience in complete darkness, heightening the other senses and providing a unique and immersive culinary adventure. Guests are blindfolded and are encouraged to rely on taste, smell, and touch to savour the flavours of the dishes.

  • Food trucks at Hudayriat Island:

Hudayriat Island is home to various food trucks offering diverse culinary delights. Explore the vibrant food scene, sampling different cuisines casually. Eat in your car, or walk on the beach and eat. Exploring food trucks and strolling down the beaches are the most relaxing things to do in Abu Dhabi. Some food trucks' delicacies are Rolled ice cream, freshly brewed coffee, quesadillas, biryani, grilled cheese, Burgers, and shawarma.

  • Drink at the oldest pub in Abu Dhabi.

PJ O'Reilly is the oldest pub in Abu Dhabi; enjoy drinks and socialize with the perfect blend of Irish hospitality. The charming, historic atmosphere and charm of the well-established pub with a rich history make it one of the top things to do in Abu Dhabi.

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  • Scroll stopper and Instagram favourite: Matilda Cake at Parker's

Parker's is known for its Matilda Cake, a delicious dessert named after the beloved character from the book by Roald Dahl. Indulge in this sweet treat with plenty of expertise, chocolate, and lots of chocolate.

UAE's magnificent and enchanting city promises an unforgettable blend of tradition, luxury and adventure. Indulge in your passion for travelling and explore the city beyond its skyline and famous attractions. Seek relaxation under the sky full of stars, adventure in the middle of the Desert, and culture and tradition on the streets of Abu Dhabi. As you look for the list of things to do in Abu Dhabi and embark on a journey through these hidden gems, you'll find yourself immersed in the rich tapestry of Abu Dhabi's past, present, and future, leaving you with memories that transcend the ordinary and make your visit truly unforgettable. So, next time you find yourself in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, venture beyond the obvious and delve into the hidden gems that make Abu Dhabi a destination like no other.

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