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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Applicability

This User Agreement along with Terms and Conditions (collectively, the "User Agreement") forms the Usage Terms or Guidelines for the use of services and products of Insta Tourism LLC ("BOOKMYBOOKING.COM").

Any person ("User") who inquiries about or purchases any products or services of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM through its websites, offices, call centres, branch offices, agents etc. (all the aforesaid platforms collectively referred to as "Sales Channels") agrees to be governed by this Terms and Conditions.

Both BOOKMYBOOKING.COM and “User” are individually referred to as 'Party' and collectively referred to as 'Parties' to the Terms and Conditions.

"Terms and Conditions" available on BOOKMYBOOKING.COM's website explain in a descriptive manner the Usage conditions that apply to the services or products facilitated by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM. The User should refer to the admissible Terms and Conditions that apply for the said service or product as chosen/booked/preferred by the User. The user is bound to such Terms and Conditions.

Usage Eligibility

The legal age of the User to use the website or services or products of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM is at least 18 years. The User must carry the authority to comply with the Terms and Conditions to become a User and purchase or buy the products or services of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM. In case you are below the age of 18 years, you shall be barred from registering or using services or products or making transactions on BOOKMYBOOKING.COM.

We advise the User to read the Terms and conditions of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM before making any transaction or purchase on the website www.bookmybooking.com. In case, you disagree with any of the Terms and Conditions laid down by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM, you shall avoid using the website and its products or services.

The scope of the Terms and Conditions restricts the rights and liabilities of the User and BOOKMYBOOKING.COM with respect to the products or services of the website.


The Content furnished through different channels in the form of but not limited to images, audio, text, software, icons, and similar such forms are the intellectual property of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM. “Content” is protected under applicable intellectual property laws. The Users are restricted to use the “Content” for any other purposes. The “User” agrees to abide by all the guidelines laid down by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM. If any unauthorized use of the Content is found, it will be treated as a violation of the applicable law.

The intellectual property right of the User or others at BOOKMYBOOKING.COM is safeguarded. If you find any act of misuse of information on the website www.bookmybooking.com, you must send a written communication to contact@bookmybooking.com which must contain the following:

  • Clear description of the content which you think is misused or is a concern of copyright.
  • The place where the misused content is placed, not limited to the link of the infringed content.
  • Testimony that you carry the copyright of the Content.
  • Information of contact.
Usage of Website

The User(s) who has made transactions or purchased the products or has used the services of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM is not entitled to distribute, exchange, sell or broadcast any product or service, including but not limited to images, text, or videos, for commercial or public purposes.

The User using the website agrees not to disrupt or try to disrupt the operation of www.bookmybooking.com in any manner whatsoever.

Registered User(s) get extended access to some of the features of the website. The Registration Process on the website of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM requires the User(s) to provide specific information that may or may not be personal. The input of information in fields could be both mandatory and optional. The User(s) agrees that the information provided to BOOKMYBOOKING.COM is true to the knowledge and ability of the User(s).

It is the sole discretion of the website BOOKMYBOOKING.COM in its right to abort the access to the website of the User at any point of given time without any prior notice for routine maintenance or any reason whatsoever.

All possible SOPs and protocols are in place to ensure that the content on the website www.bookmybooking.com is free from viruses and other malware. However, any information that is downloaded from the website of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM or is gained from any other source like a sales channel or social media platform is at the sole discretion of the User(s). Any damage that is caused to the device by downloading such information or the website shall not be the responsibility of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM.

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM constantly is in operation for the improvement of the online business to provide enhanced services and products to its customers. User(s) using the website is requested to report any content which is deemed to be against the law, obscene, harassing, abusive, breach of privacy, spam or is a violation of any law that is applicable to contact@bookmybooking.com. BOOKMYBOOKING.COM reserves the right to initiate action as deemed appropriate by the Company, upon receiving such a complaint from the User(s).

Liability of Bookmybooking.com

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM facilitates connecting the User with the relevant service providers like hotels, airlines, airport transfer, and similar such services that the website www.bookmybooking.com offers. etc. (collectively termed as "Service Providers"), unless BOOKMYBOOKING.COM exclusively acts as a reseller in specified situations. The liability of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM stands limited to providing the User with a confirmed booking selected by the User.

The Service Provider holds the sole responsibility for any issue or concern that arises while booking any such service at BOOKMYBOOKING.COM. www.bookmybooking.com does not hold any liability arising from the acts of errors, representations, warranties, omissions, negligence, or breaches made on the part of the Service Provider.

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM does not guarantee any of the following unless exclusively committed by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM:

  • Liability of the standard of services of the Service Provider.
  • Quality or competency of the service as represented.
  • Availability of the services as listed by the Service Provider.

By availing the services of the website www.bookmybooking.com, the User(s) understands and submits to the Terms of Service of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM and that it provides an online platform for booking of services like hotels, flights, and airport transfers but the liability lies with the Service Provider and not BOOKMYBOOKING.COM.

The User understands and submits their acceptance that the data/information displayed on the website www.bookmybooking.com pertaining to any product or service is provided by the Service Provide. And that the accuracy, adequacy and updating lie with the Service Provider only. Therefore, BOOKMYBOOKING.COM cannot be held liable for any incorrect, inadequate or obsoleteness of the information displayed on the website.

Responsibility of the User

The User(s) availing services of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM must read the description of the service before making a transaction or booking. The User(s) also agrees to all the conditions that are mentioned in the booking confirmation. These conditions can also be understood in agreement with the Terms and Conditions of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM.

In case, the User(s) is making a booking on behalf of another person, the sole responsibility of the booking lies with the User(s) only. BOOKMYBOOKING.COM shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions or changes from thereon. All the guidelines, rules and applications laid down in the Terms and Conditions shall be applicable thereto.

The User(s) agrees to abide by all the guidelines, applications, procedures, and regulations laid down in the Terms and Conditions of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM pertaining to the services available on the website www.bookmybooking.com. Further, the User(s) agrees to comply with applicable laws of authorities, local bodies and government or any other statutory body holding the power pertaining to the usage of services or transactions made on the website www.bookmybooking.com.

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM reserves the right to make changes in functionality, appearance, navigation, and operation of the website www.bookmybooking.com without any prior notification. BOOKMYBOOKING.COM exclusively disclaims warranties of any or all kind including but not limited to implied or expressed warranties reasonably fit for all purposes. No suggestion or advice or information, oral or written, obtained by the User(s) shall create any warranty not expressly made herein or in the Terms and Conditions of the services.

The User(s) authorises Team BMB (TEAM BOOKMYBOOKING.COM) to reach the User(s) through messages, phone calls, and emails. Such consent supersedes any choice or preferences that are set by the User.

User Account & Security-Related Information

The User(s) understands and admits to accepting that any information or data provided to the website www.bookmybooking.com is read or intercepted by other User(s) resulting in a breach of security from the user(s) end.

Data Handling, Security of Data, and Storage of Data are all treated in encrypted form in relation to details required for transactions like debit card, credit card, bank information and any such related information. However, for verification or investigation purposes fraud scenarios require the details of the User(s) banking information and the purpose for which the banking information is stored. Such type of banking information may be shared by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM with Third-Party service providers and may engage in such activity for the purposeful task of enabling transactions, payment processing, data processing, data hosting, and assessing creditworthiness for offering booking services in compliance with the applicable law.

At BOOKMYBOOKING.COM, the best industry practices pertaining to security standards are laid down for the User(s).

Fees and Payment

The User agrees and understands that all payments shall only be made to bank accounts of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM. BOOKMYBOOKING.COM or its agents, representatives or employees shall never ask a customer to transfer money to any private account or to an account not held in the name of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM. The User agrees that if that user transfers any amount against any booking or transaction to any bank account that is not legitimately held by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM or to any personal account of any person, BOOKMYBOOKING.COM shall not be held liable for the same. User shall not hold any right to recover from BOOKMYBOOKING.COM any amount which is transferred by the User to any third party.

Refunds, if any, on cancelled bookings will always be processed to the respective account or the banking instrument (credit card, debit card etc.) from which payment was made for that booking.

Booking(s) made by the User through BOOKMYBOOKING.COM are subject to the applicable cancellation policy as set out on the booking page or as communicated to the customers in writing.

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM provides various modes of making payments on the Website for transacting, like UPI, Credit/Debit Cards of various banks, Net Banking facility of all major banks, BOOKMYBOOKING.COM.

Method of Payment

“We accept payments online using Visa, MasterCard, credit/debit card in AED”.

Payment Gateway logo
Conditions beyond human control

The User(s) must be aware and acknowledge the occurrence of exceptional circumstances where BOOKMYBOOKING.COM and/or the Service Providers may be unable to honour the confirmed bookings due to various reasons like an act of God, labour unrest, insolvency, a pandemic, an epidemic, business exigencies, decisions of the government or lawful or regulatory authorities, activities of terrorist nature, operational and technical issues, route and cancellation of flights etc. or any other reason beyond the control of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM. If BOOKMYBOOKING.COM has beforehand knowledge or information of any such situations where dishonour of bookings may happen, the best efforts shall be put forward to facilitate alternatives to the User(s) or refund the booking amount after deducting applicable service charges, if supported and refunded by that respective Service Provider. The User agrees that BOOKMYBOOKING.COM being merely a facilitator of the services and products booked, cannot be held responsible for any such Force Majeure circumstance. The User must contact the Service Provider directly for resolutions and refunds.

The User agrees that in the event of non-confirmation of booking due to any technical reasons (like network downtime, disconnection with third-party platforms such as payment gateways, banks etc.) or any other similar failures, BOOKMYBOOKING.COM’s obligation shall be limited refunding the booking amount, if any, received from the customer. Such refund shall completely discharge BOOKMYBOOKING.COM from all liabilities with respect to that transaction. Additional liabilities, if any, shall be borne by the User.

In no event shall BOOKMYBOOKING.COM be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages, and any other damages like damages for loss of use, data, or profits, arising out of or in any way connected with the use or performance of the website www.bookmybooking.com or any other Sales Channel or Social Media Platforms whatsoever.

Governing Law

The User(s) must be informed that any dispute arising or any claim arising shall be treated as per the governed Law of the United Arab Emirates and shall be treated in the United Arab Emirates courts.

Rights of Bookmybooking.com
Refusal Rights of Bookmybooking.com:

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM reserves the right to not accept any booking without stating the reason thereof. BMB exercises this right at its own discretion.

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM will not provide any service or share confirmed booking details till the time, complete consideration is received from the User.

As a remedial practice available to BOOKMYBOOKING.COM may limit the activity of the User and alert others of the action of the User activity or refuse to give access to the User or terminate activities of the User(s) if:

  • Breach of the Terms and Conditions by the User(s)
  • Inability to verify or authenticate the information provided by the User(s).
  • Inappropriate actions by the User(s) that might or are harming the operation of the website www.bookmybooking.com or any unlawful activity that puts the reputation of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM at stake.

Any breach of Terms and Condition found by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM from the end of the User shall be liable for strict action deemed by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM. Any use of language, communication, images, videos by the User shall be liable to immediate and strict action by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM if the said communication is:

  • abusive, belligerent, coercive, defamatory, obscene, offensive, illicit, promoting violence, vulgar, sexually explicit, threatening, pornographic, or objectionable otherwise
  • contradictory to any applicable law.
  • breaches third party(parties) rights to intellectual property.
  • spam.
  • in breach of any other part of these terms and conditions of use.

Any attempt to violate the above-said condition by the User shall be treated with strict actions as applicable by the Law.

Services Policy as per the website offering:

“(Website) will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE”.

Refusal Right of end Service Provider:

The User(s) agrees that the service provider of the Third-Party vendor may refuse to provide services or products pertaining to any booking with BOOKMYBOOKING.COM without mentioning or stating the reason including but not limited to issues regarding behaviour, public safety, hazards regarding health, infectious diseases, pandemic, epidemic, orders/notification etc. Any claims raised by the end User(s) shall be treated as a liability by the Third Party or the Service Provider and BOOKMYBOOKING.COM is outside the purview of the said matter.

Right of Cancellation

The User(s) agrees to the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided while making a booking at BOOKMYBOOKING.COM. Any incorrect information that leads to delay or cancellation of the booking due to inaccurate or inappropriate information or data shall be the sole responsibility of the User. BOOKMYBOOKING.COM shall not be held responsible for the said matter whatsoever.

In case any data or information provided by the User(s) of BOOKMYBOOKING.COM is discovered to be incorrect, fake, or incomplete, that affects the operation of bookings on the website www.bookmybooking.com, such acts shall be directed to remedies as deemed by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM.

BOOKMYBOOKING.COM shall not be responsible for any damage or loss that comes out of the practices taken by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM to protect or safeguard its interest and the interest of its valued customers.


That the User(s) agree(s) to indemnify and hold harmless BOOKMYBOOKING.COM, its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, lawful successors and assigns from and against any and all damages, costs and expenses, claims, losses, liabilities (including legal fees) asserted against or incurred by such indemnified persons, that arise out of, result from, or may be payable by virtue of, any breach of any representation or warranty provided by the User, or non-performance of any covenant by the User.

For any violation of nation-specific laws, rules and regulations, or code of conduct, by the User, in no given scenario BOOKMYBOOKING.COM will not be held responsible under any circumstances. The user shall be solely responsible for the said matter.

COVID-19 Guidelines

The user(s) is aware that due to the outbreak of the pandemic around the world, necessary hygiene and medical procedure have been put in place to ensure safety of the valued visitors while travelling. In such a given scenario, the Service provider might cancel the booking pertaining to the health and safety of the customer. The end Service Provider has to follow the guideline laid down by the United Arab Emirates government. In the so-called matter, bookings can get cancelled. In any such given scenario, BOOKMYBOOKING.COM shall not be held responsible for the cancelled booking. Refunds, if any, in such cases shall be deemed by BOOKMYBOOKING.COM but shall not be limited to the said scenario. In case, the Service Provider refuses any refund, BOOKMYBOOKING.COM shall not be held liable in the said matter.

Any User(s) exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 must inform the authority while booking or while staying in the property. Any User(s) who refuses to comply with the local guidelines and SOPs shall be brought to strict and legal action immediately.

The User(s) or traveller agrees to submit to accepting all the guidelines and rules laid down by the Government of the United Arab Emirates, failing to which legal and imposed remedies shall be initiated with immediate effect.

GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL: Any concern or issue that the User(s) is facing can raise their respective problem at contact@bookmybooking.com

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