Get the unforgettable experience of flyboarding in Dubai, the newest extreme water sport. Flyboarding is a water activity in which you push yourself into the air using a board equipped with jets. The board is attached to a watercraft, such as a jet ski, that provides the necessary power to generate the water jets that allow you to fly.

Flyboarding in Dubai is a popular activity for tourists and locals alike, offering an exciting and unique way to experience the waters of the Arabian Gulf. With its warm weather and stunning coastline, Dubai is the perfect destination for this thrilling water sport. If you enjoy swimming, you may improve your skills by diving like dolphins.

A 30-minute flyboarding requires balance, coordination, and strength and is appropriate for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you're a seasoned water sports enthusiast or a first-time flyboarding, you'll be able to enjoy this exciting activity and create lasting memories in Dubai. Want to make a reservation or learn more about this unique water sport? Please get in touch with our staff as soon as possible.


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This adventure ride is a genuine thrill when purpose-built personal watercraft pumps water into this board through a 10-meter flexible line, pushing the rider into the air. Riders can change directions and execute various feats, such as diving like a dolphin, soaring in the air, and even battling gravity like superman, with the pressure of the jet ski regulated by a qualified operator. 

This activity gives a tremendous adrenaline-fueled experience as you soar into the air and dive back into the water. The breathtaking views of Dubai's coastline and famous landmarks allow you to see the city from a unique perspective.  

Fly Boarding 30 Minute Ticket

  • Transfer (If applicable)

  • Access to Ultimate Fly Board Experience – 30 Minutes

  • Experience the sensation of flying high above the sea.

Terms and Conditions

No pets allowed.

We reserve the complete right to reschedule an itinerary or route, adjust pricing, or even cancel a tour whenever, at our sole discretion, mainly if we deem it is vital for your safety or convenience. 

Unused inclusion in a tour package is non-refundable. 

Any guest failing to reach on time at the designated pick-up point will be considered a no-show. No reimbursement or alternative transfer will be arranged in such circumstances.

Should a tour booking be cancelled or altered for reasons of bad weather, vehicle issue or traffic problems, we will make all sincere efforts to arrange alternative service with similar options, however, based on its availability.  

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Seating arrangement is done as per the availability & it is decided by the Driver or Tour Guide except in case of private transfers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Flyboarding is famous in Dubai for its unique and thrilling experience that allows participants to fly above the water and perform aerial acrobatics. It also offers stunning views of the Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf.

The flyboarding is open for all days 10:00 to 17:00.

No prior experience is required for flyboarding in Dubai. Participants will receive training and safety instructions before the session.

A typical flyboarding session in Dubai is around 30 minutes, which includes training and safety instructions.

The best time of day for flyboarding in Dubai is early in the morning or in the late afternoon, when the sun is not too strong and the water is calmer.

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