HEART OF DUBAI Tour is a combination of three activities along with the best of shopping experience in the Worlds Biggest Mall i.e DUBAI MALL. It includes Burj Khalifa , Dubai Aquarium & Lake Boat Ride overlooking Dubai Fountain.

It is specially craft tour to save the time and money. This is a specially customized as per our experience and demands in market keeping in mind to reduce the travel time & Cost in Dubai. A planned itinerary is always a must. All the Tickets, Parking , Private Transfers etc are included in the Tour.

Your day is bound to end on a power-packed note.

Particular Time
Pick up Time from Hotel 12.30 - 13.30
BURJ KHALIFA 14:00 - 14:30
Drop Time Start 19:45
HEART OF DUBAI - Itinerary Including following activities
Duration: 2 Hours
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Entry Tickets To Burj Khalifa
Access To 124th and 125th Floor
Fascinating Presentation of Dubai's history
Access to World's Fastest Elevator
Private Transfers
Access to Wi-fi


2 Hours  Time: 14:00-14:30

Welcome to the most scintillating structure on the planet that has defied engineering and gravity to amaze the world- Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa tour unfolds the documentary of what went into the making of this marvellous structure that takes the limelight of the Dubai skyline. The tour offers you a complete experience at your own pace with a cake of choices of how you would love to explore the attraction. The mind-bending architecture of the structure has won 7 world records. The address gets prestigious at Burj Khalifa when we discover that 26,000 glass cut panels have been used to beautify the structure's exterior to keep the blazing temperatures off the landscape. So book your BMB Burj Khalifa Tour today. 

The structure has given over-the-top reasons for tourists to get in awe with this spiking tower. The surroundings are attractive, with malls, restaurants, Dubai Fountain Shows and light shows. You get to know and gain immense knowledge of how engineers and architects shaped the tower and the inspiring water systems engineered to optimise the water usage of the place. 

The options you choose to visit the attraction will gauge the time you need to absorb the breathtaking experience of Burj Khalifa. For any option you choose while booking with BMB, an average time of 90 minutes to 180 minutes is needed to visit the attraction. As and when you add options, the timings will be adjusted. 

Burj Khalifa is open 24 hours and seven days a week. You are requested to reach the place 20 minutes before the scheduled booking. The booking stands valid only for the selected date and time. 


1, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd, 
Downtown Dubai, 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


You get to customise the tour according to the time you will allocate. You can easily choose from the multiple options that the attraction offers to the tourists. Get to the top of the world in the world's fastest elevator. The structure carries multiple lifts that help shuffle between floors. Find amazing clubs, high-end restaurants, spas and pools to spend good time with your loved ones. Watch put the LED shows that the building light up with and get elated with the neighbouring Dubai Fountain Show. 

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Duration: 3 Hours
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Aquarium Tunnel
Underwater Zoo
Guided Behind the Scenes tour
Penguin Cove
Interactive Platform
Private Transfers


3 Hours  Time: 16:00-17:00

You would surely love this aquarium and underwater zoo. 

One of the world's largest and most stunning aquariums is home to over 30,000 aquatic species, including the aquarium's headliner, a 40-year-old enormous crocodile weighing 750 kg, and pelagic fish, piranha, penguins, lizards, snakes, rays, and sharks.

This state-of-the-art facility features one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world. It's incredible to witness the aquatic life in the 10 million litre water tank, which also serves as the world's most giant suspended aquarium. The aquarium is home to 'King Croc', which weighs 750kg and is over 5m long!

You will also have access to a larger-than-life underwater zoo. Additional adventures include a tunnel walk and a snorkelling cage. So, bring your family and enjoy the beauty of Dubai Aquarium. The main highlight of the aquarium is the 270-degree walk-through tunnel, which offers a breathtaking view of the underwater world, including giant sharks, rays, and hundreds of colourful fish.


The Dubai Mall, Doha Street, Off 1st Interchange – Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


As you go around the Dubai Aquarium, see a marine display that holds over 10 million different marine animals. Board a Glass Bottom Boat to see hundreds of aquatic species swim beneath your feet. Explore a 48-meter-long tunnel to witness 300+ sharks and rays and uncommon creatures, including penguins, otters, stingrays, and crocodiles. Visit the Penguin Cove environment to see live Gentoo penguins in the colony.

Head to the Underwater Zoo to observe various marine species in multiple displays, including a 750kg King Croc. Learn intriguing details about species from professional staff members as you walk around the aquarium's many zones.
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Duration: 3 Hours
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Access to Sail across Burj Lake aboard a traditional Abra.
Access to choreographed fountain show.
Access to water show featuring over 6500 WET superlights.
Enjoy an up-close view of architectural delights like Burj Khalifa.
Private Transfers


3 Hours  Time: 19:15-19:45
The two popular and must not miss attractions when visiting Dubai are the Dubai Fountain Show and the lake ride. The Dubai Fountain Show is a choreographed water, light, and music show in the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake. The show features a spectacular display of fountains that shoot water up to 500 feet into the air, accompanied by an array of lights and a powerful music system. 

The show is considered one of the largest choreographed fountain shows in the world and is a must-see for visitors to Dubai.

The Lake Ride is a boat tour that takes visitors around the Burj Khalifa Lake, offering views of the Dubai Fountain Show and other iconic landmarks in the area, including the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. 

The ride provides a unique perspective of the city, and the fountain show is a great way to experience the beauty of Dubai from the water.

The Dubai Fountain Show and Lake Ride are popular tourist attractions and offer a memorable experience for visitors to Dubai. We can arrange your vehicle if you do not have your car. All you have to do is mention it when making your reservation. Our tour operator will pick you up from your hotel and leave you after your lake ride.


The Promenade,
Next to Dubai Mall, 
United Arab Emirates.


Admire the Dubai Fountain show's illuminations and enjoy a spectacular display of 6,000 lights and 22,000 gallons of flying water. With the Dubai Fountain Lake, you'll have the finest show in town. Ride to view the most enormous performing fountain in the world.

Be enthralled as the fountain plays various melodies from classical to modern Arabic and international music. Visit the Fountain Walk Bridge with your family and marvel at the stunning beauty of the fountains.

Book in advance for Dubai Fountain Lake Ride tickets online to avoid standing in huge lines.
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Terms and Conditions

No pets or animals.

No consumption of food or drink without the express permission of Merlin.

No access to any area of the Attraction other than areas designated for access by Visitors.

No unnecessary noise (whether from mobile phones or personal stereos or otherwise) or behavior likely to annoy or offend other Visitors or intimidate the Attraction staff.

We reserve the complete right to reschedule an itinerary or route, adjust pricing, or even cancel a tour whenever, at our sole discretion, mainly if we deem it is vital for your safety or convenience. 

Unused inclusion in a tour package is non-refundable. 

Any guest failing to reach on time at the designated pick-up point will be considered a no-show. No reimbursement or alternative transfer will be arranged in such circumstances.

Should a tour booking be cancelled or altered for reasons of bad weather, vehicle issue or traffic problems, we will make all sincere efforts to arrange alternative service with similar options, however, based on its availability.  

The arrangement of seating will depend on its availability and will be done by our driver or tour guides.

Pick-up and drop-off timings listed on the website are approximate, and they will be adjusted as per your location as well as traffic conditions.  

We reserve the right to charge 100% No Show charges if guests do not turn up on time for the pick-up.

In any case the guest does not show up on time and our vehicle departs from the pickup location, then we will not arrange for alternative transfer & no refund is provided for the missed tour.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can usually take photos and videos during the ride, which is a great way to capture the beautiful fountain show and the nearby architecture.

The boat offers passengers an unobstructed, close-up view of the Dubai Fountain performance, providing a unique perspective to witness the captivating water and light show.

We suggest wearing comfortable attire when visiting. While there isn't a strict dress code, it's a good idea to choose clothing that is respectful and suitable for the occasion.

In most parts of the Dubai Aquarium, photography is usually permitted. However, it is advisable to adhere to any specific rules or guidelines regarding photography to ensure the welfare of the marine life is maintained.

The Interactive Platform is an exciting attraction where visitors can engage with marine life using touchscreens and informative displays. It offers educational information and a hands-on experience to enhance your visit.

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