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Blog Details

Best Places To Visit In Ajman

Published on : 28-05-2024

Best Places To Visit In Ajman - Attractions & Activities

Ajman is a captivating destination where you can immerse yourself in fun and frolic activities. Book your Ajman city tour package with Book My Booking today! Visitors arriving in the smallest Emirate of Ajman can enjoy vivid beach activities. Various heritage places, museums, and historical sites can be checked around the Ajman location so visitors can have a surreal time at the UAE destination.

Also, exploring Ajman looks like a fantastic adventure! The blend of cultural excitement and relaxation sounds like the recipe for a beautiful trip. Starting at the Ajman Museum to uncover the area's history is a great suggestion. It is always rewarding to grasp the origins of a place before immersing yourself in its current allure, as it has some of the best places to visit in Ajman. It is situated in the Gulf of the UAE and has picturesque, stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and modern amenities.

Ajman is a feast for the senses and a visual wonderland. It is home to some grand malls and shopping centres, offering many spaces for people who like to keep it simple. Ajman is one of the famous destinations for visitors and tourists and is known for its warm hospitality and friendly locals. There is an old saying that good things always come in small packages, and a similar saying applies to Ajman. There are various places to visit in Ajman that you must not avoid.

Places to visit in Ajman: A quick look at Ajman

The capital city of Ajman is spread over 260 square kilometres but packed with some great and marvellous attractions to explore. Ajman may not be as glamorous and rich as other Emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, but some of the great tourist sites in Ajman should be at the top of the bucket list for tourists planning to travel to the UAE.

The picturesque white beaches, majestic heritage spots, shopping hotspots, and cultural experiences—places to visit in Ajman with family in a punch of kaleidoscopic flavours—thus making it a perfect destination for a memorable holiday with your family and friends. The Emirate of Ajman has plenty of adventure activities to immerse the thrill-seeker in you. With various things to do, it becomes difficult to choose from. We have curated a list of the top places you must visit on your next trip to this enchanting Emirate, Ajman.

Places to visit in Ajman with family: Its Historical Significance

The United Arab Emirates' history began when the UAE was established 50 years ago. While much has changed, the Ajman Emirate has maintained its rich cultural traditions and heritage. We have designed a holistic Ajman itinerary for you; learn more about it on the Book My Booking website. Though Ajman is less famous than Dubai and Abu Dhabi, its history and culture are distinct and can be seen throughout the city.

One of the seven emirates formulated in the UAE is the Emirate of Ajman. On December 2 1971, the Emirate Ajman became a member of the UAE Federation. It is situated in the northern part of the UAE on the Arabian Gulf coast. It joins the emirates of Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. Book your Ajman city tour package that will educate you and your family about the emirate's historical and cultural prominence. It is the country's smallest Emirate, with 259 square kilometres. It comprises a silvery beach stretching for 16 kilometres, named after Ajman, which serves as its capital.

According to some historical records, Ajman's history can be traced back to 1800. Al Nuaim tribe founded the Emirate, who settled here permanently and started looking for natural resources to help them settle in. The land of Ajman gave them various options like fishing, diving and farming. These gave them a small amount of money to invest in small businesses that made handmade personal items like dresses, blankets, tents, and other uncomplicated professions. Your UAE tour packages, designed holistically in BMB, cater to educational and other aspects of Ajman's tourism.

Best Places to Visit in Ajman: Its Topography

It is divided into three sections: The central zone is situated on the Persian Gulf coast, around Al-Sharjah, and is home to the capital and most significant urban settlement, Ajman. The Emirate of Ajman also consists of two interior enclaves focusing on agriculture, the Arabian Peninsula's horn. Explore some of the best places to visit in Ajman.

  • Al Manamah is 37 miles southeast of Ajman and shares borders with Fujairah and Sharjah.
  • Masfoout: Situated 90 km southeast of Ajman in the Wadu Hatta at the peninsula base.

Quick Facts

  • Area of Ajman-148 square km
  • Ajman population- 411000
  • Ajman ruler- Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Ill

Weather of Ajman

Ajman's rainfall is said to be one of the rarest, as the sky is clear many days of the year. The weather is characterised by a tropical desert climate that overcomes this sunny atmosphere throughout the year. The best time to visit the UAE, Ajman, for maximum enjoyment and fun of activities is from April to early May and mid-October to late November. Summer is considered intense and sunny, especially in July and August, when temperatures range between 35 and 42 degrees Celcius.

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14 Best Tourist Destinations to Visit in Ajman 

Are you searching for the best places to visit in Ajman for your next trip? Then you will get to all the destinations that you must indulge in. We have made the list of the most significant sights in the city as we explore the incredible Ajman tourist attractions in this rapidly growing Emirate. We will tell you about the most exciting tours and attractions as we share tips and ideas for a memorable stay.

  1. Masfout Castle

masfout castle from bookmybooking

The Masfout Castle is an ancient shaped in tower structure that perched atop the Hajar Mountains. It once helped as a defence against the bandits who wanted to sneak into Oman. Today, it is one of the famous Ajman tourist places frequented by history buffs and regular tourists. The Masfout Castle is a mudstone and timber structure. Though it is named a castle, it consists of two rooms and a gate. It is one of the best places to visit in Ajman with family and friends. Therefore, it is a small fort that attracts tourists to the structure because of its splendid view of the surrounding areas. Another spot of Masfout Castle is the Bin Sultan Mosque, built nearby in 1815. This old mosque attracts visitors due to its simple, charming, and serene ambience.

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  1. Ajman National Museum

ajman national museum from bookmybooking

Ajman National Museum is located centrally to help people discover history. The museum brings the city's past alive through various displays of weaponry, folk, manuscripts, pottery, jewellery, souvenirs, artefacts, models of dhows and many more. One of the best places to visit in Ajman is where you can learn about the irrigation system of Ajman, trade history, and pearl gathering activity. The museum is located in a fortress that dates back to the 18th century and once served as the first time of defence for the Emirates leadership. Later on, it was used as a palace by Ajman's ruling family before being turned into a museum.

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  1. Etisalat Tower

etisalat tower from bookmybooking

A prominent landmark in Ajman is Etisalat Tower, a 17-story building topped with an enormous sphere. Its mosque-style components distinguish it from other skyscrapers. The pink and blue shades look stunning, and the contemporary architecture underlines the growth of the Emirate. It is one of the best places to visit in Ajman. You can enjoy discovering this architectural marvel a lot; it is a perfect place for sightseeing and leisure. The Etisalat Tower, first on the list of Ajman tourist places, is a 17-story high-rise building built in a gigantic sphere near Ajman immigration and the Ajman Police General Directorate.

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  1. Ajman Dhow Yard

ajman dhow yard from bookmybooking

The world's largest dhow building centre, Ajman Dhow Yard, is one of Ajman's best places to explore. It is even known as a prime producing centre in the UAE and is suitable for those interested in learning about the early art of dhow making. One of the best things to do in Ajman is to regulate the Ajman-made dhows as among the best and build them here using traditional tools. These dhows are used for fishing, pearling and cruises within the UAE. The visitors learn the art of dhow from the experts who have inherited the dhow-building techniques from generations. Apart from the dhows, the speedboats and other lightweight crafts are constructed here for powerboat racing.

  1. Ajman Corniche

ajman corniche from bookmybooking

Tourists can enjoy the beauty included in the Ajman attractions only if they stroll along the Corniche. This place is family-friendly, allowing them to promenade and picnic on the beach. It is one of the best places to visit in Ajman with family. It also hosts social activities and events in the Emirate. If you want to explore and witness the natural beauty of this place, weekends are best for the most happening evenings. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ajman at night. Tourists can swim and soak at Beach Zora or Ajman Beach; if you are here, remember to try the delicious feast at the restaurants and eateries near the beach.

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  1. Ajman Marina

ajman marina from bookmybooking

Ajman Marina is close to Ajman Corniche, as one can reach it with a short walk. This place is famous among cyclists, walkers, joggers, and families. This gorgeous, one of the best places to visit in Ajman at night, has a fascinating yacht club and more than 20 residential and commercial buildings. Tourists can find all kinds of leisure facilities, hotels, retail spaces and restaurants, and a grand shopping mall. This tourist place is known for its hospitality, extensive leisure facilities, and cuisine. The Ajman Beach Hotel is also on Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street.

  1. Ajman City Center

If you are considering shopping, Ajman City Center offers you the opportunity to all the shopping enthusiasts. This place has many family-friendly malls in the smallest Emirate. There are stores like H&M, Mother Care, R&B, Axiom, and Jawhara available there. Some speciality stores are also here, like Emirates Driving Institute and Carrefour. One of the best places to visit in Ajman is some speciality stores, like Emirates Driving Institute and Carrefour. If you get tired of roaming and shopping, take a break as you can find popular international food franchises such as Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, Cinnabon, Pappa Rotu and various fast food outlets at the mall.

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  1. Manama Museum

manama museum from bookmybooking

Manama Museum is in a fort highlighting the region's rich heritage, architecture, and traditional crafts. It was built in the 20th century and is 70 kilometres east of Ajman. The museum has seven large rooms showcasing a collection of weapons, Bedouin ornaments and traditional crafts. It is one of the must-visit museums in Ajman. The fort was made during Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi's reign, who ruled the Emirate between 1928 and 1981. The fort is surrounded by palm trees irrigated by the old Falaj system, where water flows from mountains through underground water channels.

  1. Seneyah Island

seneyah island from bookmybooking

This is a series of islands in the UAE surrounded by mangrove forests, which are essential areas for migratory birds. Seneyah Island, or Al Sinniyah Island, is a suitable destination for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts because it is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Many birds, including flamingos, can be seen in the shallow mud, making it one of the best Ajman sightseeing places. It is the most famous island for its incredible natural escape from the hustle and bustle of the UAE cities.

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  1. Ajman Beaches

ajman beaches from bookmybooking

The beaches of Ajman are captivating and highly popular. Whether you're looking forward for a relaxing day or an adventure-filled time, you can experience it all on the sandy beaches. You can participate in various water sports and water-based activities, such as jet skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and banana boat rides. The options for water enthusiasts vary on beaches in Ajman.

  1. Al Zorah Natural Reserve

al zorah natural reserve from bookmybooking

The natural reserve was established in 2004 to preserve biodiversity. Al Zorah Reserve is one of the most enthralling places in Ajman, covering over 102 species of famous native and migratory pink flamingos. The area is also rich with various plants, animals, corals, fishes, and native flora, making it an attraction for tourists, scientists, and researchers conducting field studies. One can see the grey mangroves; the best way to explore these mangroves is by kayaking, using the calm waters, and doing adventure water sports like wakeboarding and stand-up paddleboarding. It is one of the best places to visit with family in Ajman. When all this is done, simply relax and relish aromatic food at the cafes and restaurants lining the waterfront.

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  1. Funtastico Splash Water Park

funtastico splash water park from bookmybooking

Funtastico Splash Water Park is among the top places in Ajman for water enthusiasts to visit. It is a fantastic place to unleash the child in you and enjoy unlimited fun and frolic hours. Apart from the water-based options, the park also has other attractions. These include bouncy slides, games like Trampoline and Super Jumper, and other activities. One of the best water parks in Ajman is a must-visit for tourists seeking family-oriented fun.

  1. Shopping Hotspots

shopping hotspots from bookmybooking

Various shopping malls in Ajman ensure you shop to your heart's content. These trendy retail destinations provide everything you want to shop for. You can select from remarkable brands and designer items. After a hectic day of shopping, you can even sit back and explore the dining options available at these shopping malls or other entertainment options. Ajman City Center is said to be one of the best Ajman shopping malls in the city. With over 60 retail shops that feature international brands and local purveyors, this mall offers Shopaholics plenty of options.

  1. Dreamland Aqua Park

To beat the heat this summer, you must visit Dreamland Aqua Park in Ajman for a respite from the sun's scorching heat. The complex has many attractions and offers various things for everyone to do. You will even find pools, rides, giant wave pools and twisters curated for adults and kids. You can savour the true appeal of the Arab landscape and enjoy the charm of its cultural and natural reserves. Dreamland Aqua Park is among the best places to visit in Ajman with family. Include Ajman in your itinerary after learning about all the enchanting experiences to explore in Ajman.

What is new in Ajman?

Despite the global challenges faced in 2022, Ajman's tourism sector exhibits remarkable growth. The Average Daily Room rates soared by 14%, and Revenue per Available Room increased by 7%, leading to a substantial  9% rise in overall tourism revenue. The 26% increase in international arrivals from non-UAE residents depicted Ajman's emergence on the global tourism list.

  • Ajman's Rise as a Tourist Spot

ajman rise as a tourist spot from bookmybooking

Usually, Ajman was overshadowed by its more renowned neighbours and saw the region's most extended average length of Stay. This increase underscores Ajman's increasing appeal as a tourist site, thus transforming it from a hidden gem into a significant player in global tourism. Ajman Tourist Places are becoming widely popular across the globe. According to the Ajman Tourism Development Department, the emirate of Ajman marked a 7 per cent increase in its total tourism revenue in the first quarter of 2024. This is driven by a 3 per cent increase in occupancy rates and a 9% increase in visitor numbers compared to the same period in 2023.

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  • Safety and Identification

safety and identification from bookmybooking

Ajman's reputation and identity were prominent when Numbeo ranked it the fourth safest city in the world for 2023. The Ajman Department of Tourism Development (ADTD) capitalised on the momentum at the London World Travel Market exhibition, establishing strategic partnerships and memorandums of understanding with international entities such as Karishma Hotels and Resorts and AMRS Holding Company.

  • Reasons behind Ajmans Growing Popularity

reasons behind ajmans growing popularity from bookmybooking

Various factors contribute to Ajman's growing popularity.

  • First, the strategic location offers easy access to other parts of the UAE, making it an attractive tourist base. Second, there are various activities in Ajman that every tourist can indulge in.
  • Also, Ajman's commitment to protecting its cultural heritage while offering modern amenities creates a distinctive travel experience.
  • Ajman is committed to sustainable tourism and safety, aligning with global trends and catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly travel experiences.
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  • Growing Demand for Ajman's Tourism

growing demand for ajman tourism from bookmybooking

Ajman's appeal extends globally, with increased interest from the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The Indian market stands out as a prominent contributor, with 48% of the visitors rising in 2023. Ajman has announced a significant 7% growth in its tourism revenue for the first quarter of 2024. There are various places to visit in Ajman with family and friends. This growth is a testament to the Emirate's increasing appeal as a global travel destination underpinned by a 3% increase in hotel occupancy rates and a remarkable 9% rise in visitors compared to the same period in 2023.

Exploring the tourist attractions in Ajman

Ajman might be the smallest city in the United Arab Emirates, but its charm and attractions are invincible. The Emirates offers a blend of cultural sites and modern leisure facilities, making it a unique destination for tourists around the globe. At the heart of Ajman's appeal is the Ajman Museum, housed in an 18th-century fort, which showcases artefacts that offer insights into the UAE's rich history. However, tourists can indulge in various indoor activities in Ajman. Nearby is Al Zorah Nature Reserve, a vibrant ecosystem of mangroves that attracts nature lovers and bird watchers.

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If tourists want relaxation, the Ajman Corniche offers a beautiful setting for sunbathing, swimming, and various water sports with its white sandy beaches and welcoming turquoise waters. Adding to this, the Ajman Dhow Building Yard is evident to the Emirates' maritime heritage, where visitors can watch traditional dhow boats being handcrafted. Ajman's commitment to cultural enrichment and global tourism is observed in its annual events like the Ajman Sea Festival, which attracts tourists through activities ranging from boat races to artistic performances.

Some of the best places to visit in Ajman with family and friends, combined with world-class hospitality and luxury accommodations, position Ajman as a compelling choice for leisure and cultural travel, drawing visitors from across the globe looking for a diverse and enriching travel experience.

Ajman City has numerous tourist attractions, good hotels, and a growing economy. It is becoming a famous destination for people from the Middle East and other parts of the country, as well as for tourists worldwide. The city's population is around 200,000, which has developed considerably over the past few years. The town provides many good restaurants, so you can savour the best of the UAE while you holiday there. There are numerous restaurants in Ajman that you must try.

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  • Marasea Restaurant

Ajman is a city near the UAE's coast. The Marasea Restaurant, situated at the Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort and Spa centre of Ajman, primarily serves seafood and provides some of the best seafood in the city.

  • Sultan Saray

sultan saray from bookmybooking

Sultan Saray restaurant is situated at the beach in Ajman. It specialises in Turkish cuisine and offers many dishes. It is a popular restaurant in the city. The restaurant's ambience makes it one of the great places to visit in Ajman with family. Various dishes are famous at the restaurant, including baklava, bread, spiced yoghurt, gyros meat, Turkish pizza, pilav and many more.

  • Bukhara

bukhara from bookmybooking

This is another famous restaurant in Ajman, and the people in Ajman love Indian food. Bukhara offers traditional Indian food to its visitors and is one of the best restaurants in Ajman. Various kinds of tandoori dishes, dals, kebabs, and some delicious North Indian food are on display at this restaurant. Bukhara, as the given name, has influences from the North West Frontier Region, which is seen in the dishes on the menu at the restaurant—a must-include restaurant in your Ajman itinerary.

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  • Sabella's

sabella from bookmybooking

It has always been one of the great restaurants in every city. Sabella's in Ajman is the top choice for people looking for good-quality Italian food. It is a great place to enjoy wine and great Italian food. With stone-grill pizzas and authentic, rich, and delicious Italian dishes, Sabellas is a great Italian restaurant in Ajman. Sabellas has many tributes to Italy in its decor and welcomes its guests in very relaxed and enjoyable surroundings to enjoy Italian cuisine.


Ajman, as we know, is one of the seven emirates of the UAE and one of the best places to visit with family and friends. Ajman is the smallest Emirate, but it still has various sightseeing options and things to do. There are some remarkable places to visit in Ajman that let one dive deep into the history and culture of the Emirate. Also, you can even experience the scenic locations and gorgeous backdrops for a perfect picture. With warm weather around the year, you can plan your trip here anytime.

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